Mercy Watson to the Rescue

by Kate DiCamillo

Other authorsChris Van Dusen (Illustrator)
Paperback, 2005


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Candlewick (2009), Edition: Illustrated, 80 pages


After Mercy the pig snuggles to sleep with the Watsons, all three awaken with the bed teetering on the edge of a big hole in the floor.

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LibraryThing member WeeTurtle
A pet pig becomes an accidental hero while on the search for a snack.

A fun book. The story is simple, and easy to read with repeated text for emphasis and images that are very bright and expressive and I found myself laughing anyway, even as an adult. There are plenty of illustrations but more
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words than is in the typical picture book, so I'd call this a good bridge between those and novels.
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LibraryThing member jessicaschmidt917
After snuggling in with Mr. and Mrs. Watson for the night and innocently dreaming of hot buttered toast, Mercy the pig and her family awake with a "BOOM! CRACK!" to find themselves about to fall through a hole in the floor. It's up to the "porcine wonder" to rescue the Watsons, and she does so,
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more or less by accident, with assistance from the Lincoln Sisters and firefighters Ned and Lorenzo. The vintage-esque illustrations feature bright, primary colors; a few are full-page but many are smaller and sit in and around the text. Each sentence begins on its own new line, but may run onto the next line. The book seems to be aimed at the higher end of easy readers-- words like "porcine" and "disappointment" offer a challenge while still surrounded by more familiar and shorter words. And the best part about Mercy? She's funny! Even readers who struggle with the text will still want to flip through this book to see Mercy in action. Highly recommended ages 5-8.
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LibraryThing member michelleknudsen
This was a sweet and funny read. I like the technique DiCamillo used of letting the reader know things the characters don’t know (e.g., that Mercy is off in search of snacks, not help), which lets us be in on the joke and makes us feel almost like accomplices in the story.
LibraryThing member katykids
This was a cute story with simple but nice illustrations. I like that Mercy is motivated by buttered toast in all the stories.
LibraryThing member MesserPicks
Cute story about a family with a live in pig, Mercy. I think this would be a great easy chapter book to start a young reader. This would be a great way to start slow and get a younger reader slowly into chapter books, without overwhelming them with how a chapter book looks. There are certain young
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readers, who would fit this book perfectly.
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LibraryThing member kkcrossley
Mercy is the Watson's adorable pig. When disaster strikes the family thinks Mercy is going for help when she is actually in search of buttered toast. She does save the day to the delight of her family.
LibraryThing member sprovost
This is a story of a big named Mercy who lives with her owners, Mr. and Mrs. Watson. Mr. and Mrs. Watson love Mercy as though he were their child. One night Mercy is scared and climbs into bed with the Watsons, causing the bed to crash part way through the ceiling. While the Watsons assume Mercy
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goes in search of help, Mercy has her own intention of finding a snack. Mercy went to her neighbors house to get a snack from Baby, but since it was the middle of the night, Baby's sister called the police due to the 'monster' outside of the window. The police arrived and heard the Watsons' screams for help. Mercy had inadvertently saved the day!
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LibraryThing member arielaver
This is the first in a great series about a sweet pig named Mercy. In this story, she must save her people from an unlikely disaster. The text is funny and engaging, and the pictures are informative, clear, and bright. It's set up as a chapter book which makes young readers feel great.
LibraryThing member fetta
A lighthearted read about how families interact, what people (and pigs) find important, and tolerance. It was fun to see how the story unfolded and the mishaps involved. Everything has a consequence, but in this case, a positive ending.Quick and funny read!
LibraryThing member SingDaisy18
This is a great read for children just learning how to read. The story is simple and entertaining.
LibraryThing member runner_roader
Mercy Watson a cute and cuddly pig that lives in a house, not on a farm, with Mr. and Mrs. Watson. Mercy loves toast, dreams about toast, and after sneaking into bed with Mr. and Mrs. Watson who's bed becomes too heavy for the floorboards, bounds off in search of toast. Mr. and Mrs. Watson scared
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their bed will crash through the floor are relieved that Mercy escaped the bed to search for help. Mercy leaves the house, because there is not toast, and heads next door to the Lincoln sister's house since Baby Lincoln always shares her cookies with Mercy. Eventually the fire department is called and as Eugenia Lincoln chases Mercy around the yard (Mercy loves chase and Eugenia dislikes pigs) they hear the cries for help. In the en, Mercy says the day and earns her plate full of toast.

In the classroom, this would be a good story to share when doing a lesson on farm animals or helping others. Katie DiCamillo is a Newbery Award winner for a handful of her stories. This would be a nice example of a well written and illustrated story to share with students.
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LibraryThing member jaimefabey
Mercy Watson is a pig adopted into a family that is human. He gets into different quandaries and causes a variety of minor troubles. He is almost human, yet is still a little pig.
LibraryThing member mhinderlie
Summary: The Watsons have a pig who they treat as if she is their child, each night they tuck Mercy into bed. Much like any other child by the morning Mercy is found in the Watsons bed with them. One night this same story happened only when they awoke the bed was falling through a hole in the
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floor. They sent Mercy for help, but didn't know she was only searching for breakfast. In the end the neighbors call the fire department who come to rescue the Watsons.
Genre: Realistic Fiction
This story is an example of realistic fiction with humor. It is not ordinary that families have pigs as pets, but many can relate to the story of another animal coming to the rescue when family members are in trouble.
Setting: This story is set in a rural neighborhood where it is acceptable for families to have pets, animals, and farm animals in their homes. This is setting helps create more believable environment for the story to happen in.
Media: gouache
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LibraryThing member cindasox
Sweet, humorously illustrated short chapter book. On the whole, the vocabulary is controlled and it would make for a good early reader.... however there are a few unusual words that make the book harder, (porcine, Eudenia, opinion). I think it would also need adult intervention to check for
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comprehension, there are almost 2 stories going on, The pig's story and the people's story. The pig is unwittingly going 'to the rescue'. I like that the book ends with a sneak peek at the next story in the series.
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LibraryThing member amberlanda
I really enjoyed this story. I think that Mercy Watson is a fun character. As soon as I finished reading this book I took it in and read it to my 1st graders over several days and they were instantly hooked and are waiting for another Mercy Watson book. At the beginning of 1st grade I think that a
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short chapter book like this one is perfect for a read aloud.
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LibraryThing member kleddy09
Age: Primary-Intermediate
Genre: Fantasy
Media: Gouache
Review: This book is a fantasy because the main character is a pig who has human like characteristics and thoughts. The storyline is made to be believable because all of the characters recognize the pig as a human like character and treat her
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Plot: The plot of this book captures the attention of the reader in the beginning by introducing the characters and their unusual situation of having a pig as a family member. There is a clear conflict that is well developed with action and intrigue. The story ends with a resolution to the conflict. This story is organized in a sensible way.
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LibraryThing member JusticeEvans
Mercy Watson is a great transitional book for readers moving to less pictures and more words. While the pages are filled with illustration, there are a lot of words to be read, as well. Mercy is a funny pig who defies everybody's expectations at all times.

Great for an extended read aloud time, for
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improving readers to take up on their own and for discussion of narrative events.
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LibraryThing member sskatherine
This is a fun little illustrated chapter book. The illustrations are bright and well styled for the story. The story is simple enough that a young reader (1st or 2nd grade) would have little trouble with it, and the mood of the writing is lighthearted. It would be fun to read this aloud, as I think
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students would find it humorous. The only aspect I did not like was that Mercy herself was so wrapped up in her desire to eat buttered toast, that she did not notice Mr. and Mrs. Watson's danger - she helped them inadvertently as she was seeking to fulfill her need for toast.
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LibraryThing member allawishus
Mr. and Mrs. Watson have a pet pig named Mercy. She's the most adorable and best pig ever - they treat her like their child. They sing her to sleep, kiss her goodnight, she sleeps in a bed - adorable! She also LOVES hot buttered toast - it's her favorite snack.

The Mercy Watson books make a great
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early-reader series - the vocabulary is not too advanced, there's tons of repetition, and most importantly to an adult who is listening or helping read along, these books are funny. Mercy and Mr. and Mrs. Watson are lovable, the scrapes they get themselves into are hysterical, their neighbors are quite the characters themselves. All in all, perfect. Also, the illustrations, with a seemingly-Southern inspired retro-flair, are super. I honestly couldn't picture Mercy in any other way. I love the slight sheen on every body's rosy-apple cheeks and chin.
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LibraryThing member helenpeynado
A cute story about a pig that rescues her parents, all in the name of buttered toast and cookies. Cute.
LibraryThing member Cottonwood.School
After Mercy the pig snuggles to sleep with the Watsons, all three awaken with the bed teetering on the edge of a big hole in the floor.
LibraryThing member ericarhenry
This was a very cute book about a couple with a pig, Mercy. Mercy sneaks into bed with them at night and they are all so heavy that they get stuck in the floor with the bed threatening to crash through. Mercy makes a run for it and runs next door for food. The neighbor calls the fire department and
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Mercy's parents are saved when they arrive. This is a pretty cute entertaining early chapter book for kids. Mercy is a very cute character who obviously is only thinking about toast with lots of hot butter on it during the whole story. The illustartions are very cute too and Mercy is given lots of expression. I would include this in my classroom library. its' entertaining for hte younger kids.
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LibraryThing member sharmon05
Throughout this story the reader is able to get inside Mercy's head to see what she is thinking and doing. This quality of the story makes this a good example of a fantasy. This book also has a wonderful plot, which is full of humor and story twists. Having this good of a plot makes the book very
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engaging and interesting to students.
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LibraryThing member aconant
Mercy Watson loves buttered toast. The characters in this story are absolutely delightful. The only complaint I have are the illustrations: they have a decidedly computer generated feel that I don't care for. Pretty water colors would have put this book over the top for me, but I think children
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like the bold colors and sharp lines of the pictures in this book. The story will not bore parents and teachers, either.
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LibraryThing member cindyofili
Mercy Watson to the rescue is part of the Mercy Watson series based around pig named Mercy and her two owners Mr. and Mrs. Watson. This story is about Mercy rescuing her owners unintentionally by looking for some food. By the end of the story, Mercy becomes known as a hero and she is rewarded with
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the buttered toast she had been waiting for. This story/ series is good because it gives students a chance to transfer from picture books to chapter books very easily because it is not a very hard book to read. It also still includes many pictures for students to enjoy.
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Monarch Award (Nominee — 2007)
Utah Beehive Book Award (Nominee — Children's Fiction — 2007)
Pennsylvania Young Reader's Choice Award (Nominee — Grades K-3 — 2007)
Buckaroo Book Award (Nominee — 2007)


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80 p.; 8.19 inches


0763645044 / 9780763645045




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