Make a wish, Molly

by Barbara Cohen

Other authorsJan Naimo Jones (Illustrator)
Paper Book, 1994


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New York : Bantam Doubleday Dell Pub. Group, 1995, c1994.


Molly, who recently emigrated with her family from Russia to New Jersey, learns about birthday parties and who her real friends are.

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LibraryThing member Cheryl_in_CC_NV
Simplistic, mostly predictable. Only for the youngest independent readers, I think, although the specific mean things that the nasty girl says are likely to raise eyebrows and a need for a discussion.

A thrift store find that appears unread - apparently it didn't appeal to Leticia at all...
LibraryThing member Melanielooper
This book was about a young Russian immigrant. She was in a new school and had one friend. It was her friend's birthday and she didn't know anything about birthdays. They didn't celebrate birthdays in Russia. Her friend had a birthday party and she was very excited about going, she really wanted to
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try the birthday cake. However, it was passover and she wasn't allowed to eat the cake. Well, the other little girls made fun of her and she left the party. Next it was her birthday and her parents bought her a beautiful necklace and her friend brought her a present to her apartment.

This was a great book that talked a lot about diversity. It really showed many different sides of it. There was the little Jewish girl who so badly wanted to be an American and fit in with everyone else. There was her friend who befriended despite their differences. And there was the girl who was very cruel to her just because she was different.

In the classroom this would be a great book to read and discuss diversity. I could use this book to talk about the differences that we all share and discuss how to overcome them. I could also make rugelach for the class or a birthday cake.
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Sydney Taylor Book Award (Mass Import -- Pending Differentiation)


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