Kitten's First Full Moon

by Kevin Henkes

Hardcover, 2004


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Greenwillow Books (2004), Edition: 7th, Hardcover, 40 pages


When Kitten mistakes the full moon for a bowl of milk, she ends up tired, wet, and hungry trying to reach it.

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Caldecott Medal winner

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LibraryThing member sammarocco
The night Kitten sees her first full moon, she thinks it's a little bowl of milk in the sky, and she wants it. She jumps at it, and chases it, and climbs a tall tree all the way to the top, but still she can't reach it. When she returns home there is a bowl of milk waiting for her.
LibraryThing member lgrube4
I enjoyed this book. It was simple yet held a message. I found it interesting because when Kevin Henkes first wrote this book it was a failed attempt at writing a book about circles. Once he thought about the kitten with the bowl of milk, he ran with the idea. Now looking back through the
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illustrations I could see that there are circles on every page hiding in the corners and details of each picture. The story is about a kitten who sees her first full moon and thought it was a bowl of milk. She decides to chase it, jump for it, lick it, but nothing works. Soon she's up in a tree trying to get closer to the moon when she looks down and sees that in the reflection of the pond there is an even bigger bowl of milk there! So she jumps in, but to her dismay she only gets wet. So she heads home, and when she gets there there is a bowl of real milk there, just waiting for her. I liked this story because it was short and easy to read and kept my attention. Each page only had a few words on it, and every other page after a failed attempt at trying to get the milk the page would read "Still, there was the little bowl of milk, just waiting". I thought that was good because children will be able to recognize that repeating sentence. Overall, I enjoyed it, and since it won the Caldecott Award I was impressed.
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LibraryThing member Chawki6
In my opinion, “Kitten’s First Full Moon” is a great book, especially for beginning readers. I liked this story because the language is simple and clear. The words and sentences are simple, but they paint a clear imagine in the reader’s mind. “So she pulled herself together and wiggled
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her bottom and sprang from the top step of the porch.” I could instantly picture my cat wiggling her bottom just before pouncing on her favorite toy mouse. I also liked how the words in the story are in a large and bold font. I thought they were perfect for beginning readers. The really great thing about this story is the illustrations. The illustrations are beautifully done. I’ve never seen black and white pictures look so pretty. There is a lot of detail in the illustrations. The gray shading on the kitten is done in a way that enhances the kitten’s looks. The shading brings the kitten alive. The big idea is to entertain children with a funny story about a kitten trying to get the big bowl of milk out of the sky.
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LibraryThing member yarb
Poor kitten isn't too bright. The art is appealing, the narrative slight.
LibraryThing member SugarPlumFairy
I adore this book! It has everything necessary for a great preschool read aloud!
LibraryThing member smpenni
An irresistible offering from the multifaceted Henkes. The spare and suspense-filled story concerns a kitten that mistakes the moon for a bowl of milk. When she opens her mouth to lick the treat, she ends up with a bug on her tongue. Next, she launches herself into the air, paws reaching out for
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the object of her desire, only to tumble down the stairs, "bumping her nose and banging her ear and pinching her tail. Poor Kitten." Again and again, the feline's persistent attempts to reach her goal lead to pain, frustration, and exhaustion. Repetitive phrases introduce each sequence of desire, action, and consequence, until the animal's instincts lead her home to a satisfying resolution. Done in a charcoal and cream-colored palette, the understated illustrations feature thick black outlines, pleasing curves, and swiftly changing expressions that are full of nuance. The rhythmic text and delightful artwork ensure storytime success. Kids will surely applaud this cat's irrepressible spirit.
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LibraryThing member mayalanda
Its about a cat and the moon -- my daughter's two favorite things! She loves the book even though at 15 months, I'm not sure if she understand's that the cat "thinks" that the moon is a dish of milk. Still, this story is a lot of fun, great text, nice black-and-white illustrations.
LibraryThing member CLCrothers
This book is about a young, adventurous kitten in search of a bowl of milk. The kitten has many mishaps along the road while trying to find that elusive bowl of milk.

I can relate to this story because I have two cats of my own who absolutely love milk and will go searching just about anywhere in my
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house when they smell it.

In the classroom I would have the students draw and color their own picture of a kitten, or maybe of their own pet at home, looking for some milk.
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LibraryThing member ashdawn21
This book tells the story of a little kitten's quest for the huge bowl of milk in the sky (that he doesn't realize is the moon). The poor kitten tries everything he can think of to get to this unreachable object.

My personal reaction to this book was that it was very cute. I have always loved
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animals and that is one reason why I decided to read this book.

In the classroom I might use this book to show my students that even though the goal that they might want to reach may seem impossible they should never give up. Also I might have the students make their own story about an object that might look like something that its not by allowing the students to draw and then share their story with the class.
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LibraryThing member LindseyStolp
This book is about a little kitten who has never seen a full moon. The kitten believes that the moon is a little bowl of milk in the sky. The kitten tries her hardest to get to the little bowl of milk in the sky that she believes is waiting for her.

I enjoyed this book because of the kitten's
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determination to get to the bowl of milk. I read it to a class of four year olds and they enjoyed the book. They were excited to find out how the little kitten gets to the moon or gives up.

A teacher could have the children cut paper plates in to moon shapes and draw a kitten reaching for the moon. The teacher could also give the children milk and talk about healthy life styles.
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LibraryThing member DLWilson1831
This book was about a curious kitten, who looked up to the sky and thought there was a bowl of milk waiting there for her. However, little did she know it was the moon. She climbed the tree to get closer to the bowl of milk, but once up there she got scared. Then as she was in the tree, she saw a
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bowl of milk in the pond. It was really the moon's reflection. After many failed attempts and feeling defeated, she decided to go home. As she was approaching her home, there was a big bowl of mil waiting for her on the porch.

In reflection, I thoroughly enjoyed this book. The words flowed like a melody and this helped you read through ever defeating step the kitten encountered. The illustrations of the moon and kitten were believeable. Although the book was in black and white, the pictures are lively and the moon being depicted as the bowl of milk was visually stimulating.

This book could be used as a classroom extension by having students make a picture collage of the kitten and bowl of milk. In addition, talk about animals and some of the simularities between animals and humans and some of the differences.
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LibraryThing member Janeece
This book is illsrtated in black and white and is about a little kitten who sees something in the moon she wants. This book reminds me of It Looked Like Spilt Milk. She has a crazy adventure that lasts throughout the evening and when she finally returns home her desire is waiting for her. This book
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would be great for young readers, because they could pick up on the rythum after a few pages.

I liked this book, because it remonded me of the book it looked like spilt milk and i had an awesome teacher do a entire series of lessons over this book.

In my classroom i am going to have them do black and white drawings of their favorite animals and also i am going to have them write an adventure story as a class and show how we can work together to create an rhyming story.
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LibraryThing member allawishus
I'm not 100% sure why it won the Caldecott, but it's still a really good picture book - perfect for a toddler storytime. Repetitive text, easy to see illustrations without a great deal of detail, an empathetic character - I think kids relate to the idea of not understanding that how something looks
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doesn't always relate to its significance. The book does a nice job of illustrating this concept.
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LibraryThing member smilz23
Kitten sees the moon in the sky and thinks it is a bowl of milk. Kitten spends the night trying to reach the milk and get a drink. Through the book Kitten makes many mistakes, but finally ends up back at home where a bowl of mild is waiting for him.

Classroom connections: This book is a Caldecott
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winner and could be used to introduce the award and to spark a discussion about different kinds of artwork. If studying the artwork students could try making their own colored pencil drawings.
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LibraryThing member Menagerie
I discovered this book through the NY Times children's lit review. As promised, I fell in love with the simple black and white drawings. Kitten thinks that the full moon is a bowl of milk and is determined to get it. Falling into a pond is no deterrent for this little kitty who keeps on trekking in
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hopes of getting that milk. With eautifully drawings and a sweet and innocent story this one is a classic. I was thrilled to hear that it won the Caldecott, which it certainly deserved.
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LibraryThing member dcoops2
An adventure with pictures illumating the beauty of nightfall. This book teaches children of all ages that things may not always appear as it seems.It helps children to understand that sometimes one may have to take a closer look in order to understand what they are looking for.
Sometimes it is
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important to stop and take an extra minute or two to really access a certain situation in order to better understand it. A closer look may reveal sometimes not what we expect.
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LibraryThing member Charlee526
Cute story about a kitten, who tries to get to the moon, becasue she thinks its a big bowl of milk.
LibraryThing member rjmcwhorter1
This story contained all of the necessary components that a child's picture book should have. It had repetition, humor, and a lovable protagonist. It might be helpful to read to students to teach them how far away the moon really is, and it also helps describe the playful personality that most
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kitten's possess.

I would read it to my class of students for sure, because of my own love for cats. It was well written, cute, and entertaining, although the illustrations were not as good as they could have been.
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LibraryThing member jessica_cassell18
Kitten's First Full Moon is about a kitten who sees her first full moon but mistakenly thinks it is a bowl of milk. Thinking it is a bowl of milk, the kitten tries many different ways to get to the milk (the moon) so she can drink it. When the kitten finally gives up and returns home, she finds a
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bowl of milk waiting for her on the porch.

I love books about cute little kittens. I remember as a child having a few books about kittens and I loved them. I love kittens anyhow and I think they are so adorably sweet and innocent!

A classroom extension I would use would be to use the way the kitten kept trying and kept trying to achieve what she wanted. I would give the kids and example of something and have them tell me 2 or 3 ways that they could get to it. Another one I would use would be to teach the kids about nature and the moon.
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LibraryThing member cshaw
This is a story about a kitten who is trying to get a bowl of milk. She is persistent, but has many trials. She mistakes the moon for a bowl of milk and ends up tired, wet , and hungry when she lands in the pond in the middle of the reflection of the moon. This is a wonderful book that many young
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readers will enjoy, both as a Read Aloud and illustrator study as well as an independent read for newly independent readers who need simple text and picture support. They will be able to identify with the brave character of Kitten.
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LibraryThing member NancyStorm
One of Kevin's best books yet! Kitten is hungry and the full moon looks so much like the bowl of milk she is craving; she tries many ways to catch it. The drawings are stupendous and would really tell the story if indeed there were no words at all. Highly recommended for all ages.
LibraryThing member emilee
beautiful book, art inspired by artist Jean Charlot. Bold lines, but great use of hue. purfect book for the newest reader.
LibraryThing member djmeyers
I enjoyed the naive nature of the kitten in thinking that the moon was a big bowl of milk! Too cute! The artwork was done creatively in black and white, making the best use of space by using big pictures. Our preschool class really enjoyed this book and were quite interested to see if the kitty was
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ever going to figure out he was looking at the moon and not a bowl of milk. Hmmmmm.....
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LibraryThing member babybruce
From Heather: Kitten’s First Full Moon is the charming story of a young kitten’s journey to capture the moon, mistakenly confused for a bowl of milk. Kitten’s goofy quest will delight children, as she tumbles down the stairs, falls in a pond, and finally returns home, wet and weary, to find a
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bowl of milk waiting on the porch. Henkes’ masterpiece is gorgeously illustrated in black and white charcoal with thick, bold lines. Spare, clean lines and circles dominate the page, creating a tight visual experience. Despite the simplicity of Henkes’ drawings, they have a luminous quality that is breathtaking to behold. Kitten is sweet and expressive and children will be drawn to her over and over again. Winner of the 2005 Caldecott Medal, Kitten’s First Full Moon has earned a spot next to such classics as Where The Wild Things Are and Goodnight Moon.
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LibraryThing member smmote
In this book, a kitten sees a full moon in the sky for the first time. She thought it was a little bowl of milk in the sky and wanted to get to it somehow. The kitten tries to get to the milk by closing her eyes and sticking out her tongue, but all she got out of that was a fly in her mouth, then
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she tried to jump up to it and tumbles down the stairs. The kitten then tried to run towards it and up the tallest tree, but it still did not work so she did not know what to do. After climbing the tree, the kitten notices the reflection of the full moon over the pond and it appears to be an even bigger bowl of milk that she wants to get and decides to jump after it. The kitten had no luck with that and ended up being wet, sad, tired and hungry. After all of the disappointment, the kitten decides to go home and ends up finding a great big bowl of milk on the porch just waiting for her. Even though she has mistaken the full moon and reflection as a bowl of milk, the kitten ended up getting some afterall and was one lucky kitten!
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