Grace: 1890-1973 (Hannah's Girls)

by Ruth Vitrano Merkel

Paperback, 2006


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Review & Herald Publishing (2006), Paperback, 128 pages


It's Christmas vacation. Grace and her friend, Margaret, plan some serious fun. But Mama needs help taking food to an old man whose wife has just died. The woman was scary--even when alive--and Grace doesn't want to go to her house. But she does. It's a growing-up experience, and Mama says she's proud of her. Come join in Grace's adventures as she whips the cream on Wolf River, takes her first sleigh ride, and almost faints with fright when a ghost leaps out from under her bed. Laugh with her and her teasing big brothers; then listen in on the secret Mama shares about big sister Ann. One hundred years have passed since Grace skated on Wolf River and whispered secrets with her friends. But her timeless adventures will still inspire and intrigue today's kids. This is Grace's story--the third in the series of six true stories about Adventist girls: Ann, Marilla, Grace, Ruth, Elaine, and Erin. Grace was born in 1890. Her great granddaughter, Erin, is a teenager today. When Erin was born, grandmother Ruth wanted her to know that she was a sixth-generation Adventist, as well as a thirteenth-generation American girl whose ancestors helped to establish their country. But most of all she wanted Erin to know that her greatest heritage is that she is a child of the heavenly King and so are you.… (more)

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