The Story of Ruby Bridges

by Robert Coles

Other authorsGeorge Ford (Illustrator)
Paperback, 2000


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E 92 Bri


Scholastic (2000), Paperback, 26 pages


For months six-year-old Ruby Bridges must confront the hostility of white parents when she becomes the first African American girl to integrate Frantz Elementary School in New Orleans in 1960.

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LibraryThing member al04
This biographical story of Ruby Bridges allows readers to see a new perspective of the school integration law that was passed. Ruby Bridges isn't a person that has made it into the text books, but she has an inspiring life depicting the segragation and hardships of post civil war.
The illustrations
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bring the stoy alive and give great support to Ruby Bridges. Without the detailed pictures the reader would have a hard time understanding the seriousness of Ruby Bridges's situation and identifying with her struggles. The pictures are colorful, realistic, and relavant.
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LibraryThing member ValerieStanley
The book is about Ruby Bridges the first African American little girl to attend first grade with white children. It gives a brief overview of the hatred and hostility that was endured at this point in history. It is a vary inspirational book. I really enjoyed Miss Ruby Bridges and I got a little
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emotional when I read this book. This is a great book for history in the classroom. You could challenge children to find a book like this one to share and tell what it has to do with history.
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LibraryThing member ggenao
this book reminds me how important is to trust inGod and on the people you love no matter what's going on in your life.
LibraryThing member CathyEarhart
This book is about a very young girl that is one of the first african american in an all white elementry school. This was a time during the civil rights movement. All the child at the school would say mean things to her.

I liked this book because it would be very easy to read. It lets children
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realize how thankful they should be that they don't have to live in a segragated school.

In the classroom, I would have the children list what they think the children were feeling back then when the civil rights movement was going on.
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LibraryThing member LindseyStolp
This book is about an Afican American girl in a all white school for the first time. the children were very mean to her and did not treat her equally.

I liked this book because it opens children's eyes to the fact that in the past not everyone was treated as well as they are today for the most
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A teacher could have the children write a short essay about the book and a time when they were treated unfairly.
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LibraryThing member landa69
I really enjoyed this book. This book had good historical points and the illustrations were exciting to see. I kept turning the page to see what would happen next. Ruby Bridges was one of the first black children to go to an all white school. She was a brave little girl who kept fighting for her
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right to a good education. This was a definante page turner for me. I love history.
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LibraryThing member aengle
K-4. This is a story about a strong African American girl who attended an all-white school during a time of segregation. She was scrutinized, attacked by parents and students that didn't want her to go to school there. She chose to forgive the people that were cruel to her because because she had
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faith in God. Good book for Black History Month.
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LibraryThing member katitefft
This story is a wonderful biography of the life of Ruby Bridges. Ruby Bridges was a the first black student to be sent to what had been considered an all white school. This story shares with readers the fact that Ruby Bridges continued to go to school despite the angry mobs who protested. It also
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shares with readers that Ruby Bridges prayed for the angry people on a daily basis. She still had hope that their hearts would change. This story is appropriately set in Mississippo in the late 1950's. This is where and when Ruby Bridges lived. This setting is also the time and place in which racism was extremely prevalent in the United States. Readers will see from reading this book exactly what the climate of our country was like on the brink of the Civil Rights Movement.
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LibraryThing member bnhays
The Story of Ruby Bridges is an illustrated version of the day to day walks to school as one of the first four African American children to attend an all white school. Every day she had four marshals walk her to school to keep her safe from the protesting crowds. One day her teacher asked what she
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said to the crowd. Ruby told her that everyday before and after school she prays for god to forgive the protesters for their mean words. That morning she had forgotten to pray until she was in the middle of the crowd and so she had to stop and pray for them.
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LibraryThing member phyllistinefoster
This book is about an African-American girl name ruby Bridges, who is chosen to go to Frantz Elementary which is an all White school during the time when segregation was at its highest. As a result of this Ruby has to endure crowds of angry spectators who are angry at the fact that she is being
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allowed to go to this school. the white parents pull their children out of the school in protest. ruby endures this for six months and then white children slowly begin to come back to the school.

I enjoyed reading the book because ti gave me some insight on what ruby had to endure as a child during this time period. It also, showed that she continued to go and did not give up and as a result she fininshed school. Great illustrations.

this book can be read to an older group of elementary children to explain segregation. read during "Black history month." Can have the children tell stories about someone they know that has made history.
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LibraryThing member Ashleyreece
This is one of the most moving books I have ever read. This wonderful story tells about a little African American girl who grew up in New Orleans during the time of segregation. She was one of the first children chosen to attend a "White" school. This story told of her days learning in an
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empty classroom and an empty school, and how she arrived and left school each day.
My View:
This story brought tears to my eyes. It touched my heart. i find it so amazing that this little girl had such strength and forgiveness in her.

I would use this book in a lesson on segregation. I would have my kids journal how they would feel if they were Ruby.
I would also do a small activity about segregation. I would have blue eyed kids sit in one area and brown eyes in another. We would have a class discussion on how this made them feel.
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LibraryThing member mendie.cargill
During the birth of segregation in the south, a young girl named Ruby was one of the first to attend a non-segregated school. On the first day of school she walk onto the front steps of the building armed with US Marshalls to protect her from the agry mob of white adults whom were
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protesting the presidents law of intergrating public schools, whom had removed their children from this particular school. She attend class and is all alone, she is the only student. She was a very strong and strong-faithed little girl!
Personal Reaction:
LOVED IT LOVED IT LOVED IT!!!!!!! This book made me cry! The courage of that little girls was amazing! No matter what she held her head up high, beliving in Him and what her momma taught her! I want to be more like Ruby!
Classroom extension:
1. Have the class write in their journals and describe what they would do if they were Ruby.
2. Have the class also write how would they feel if their parents pulled them out of school for this same reason.
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LibraryThing member lisab818
Ruby Bridges was a leader in the civil rights movement even as a small child, when she became the first black child to attend an all-white school. This book chronicles her story and shows her as a loving peacemaker who prayed for her oppressors. Her story is powerful and moving, and the book is
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written in a way that children can relate to. The Story of Rudy Bridges can be paired with her autobiography, Through My Eyes, as a companion text.
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LibraryThing member rvangent
This is a good example of a biography in that it gives an accurate account of Ruby Bridge's life who was a very important person in history. The story gives the account of her being one of four girls to be sent to an all white elementary school and the hardships she faced with this, such as the
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protestors yelling at her on her way into school and being the only one in school when all the other kids stopped going. It is very factual, while celebrating the achievements of this young girl.
Media: watercolor with acrylic inks
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LibraryThing member jlowens4
I really enjoyed reading the book, "Ruby Bridges." I would read this book to students grades second, third, and fourth grade. This book tells the story of a young african america girl who was determined to go to school and be treated equally as the white students. When the board of education
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decided to let Ruby go to school, so many white people were angry. They took their children out of school. Some days Ruby would have to walk to school through riots. Although this was very scary Ruby never gave up. Day after day she went to school on these horrible circumstances. After a while the parents realized they were hurting there children more than anything and the students were allowed to start coming back. I think that this is a wonderful story to read to children. The first moral lesson it teaches is to not judge a book by the cover. It does not matter you background or culture you deserve the best at everything too. Another lesson it teaches is to not give up. It is so important to not just keep up when something is hard. I truly thought this was a wonderful book.
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LibraryThing member Aecape
The Story of Ruby Bridges is a great story to read to students. I read this book aloud to my 4th graders and did a character, setting, plot activity. The students really enjoyed this book and we had a great discussion about it. The book is about Ruby Bridges being the first African American little
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girl to attend an all white school. The book is really cute and gives students black history knowledge.

website: Robert Coles does not have a website but for more information on this author just type his name is google!!
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LibraryThing member crdutton
Students really enjoyed learning about the life of a young black american, Ruby Bridges. They kept pointing out things in the story and relating it to their own lives. They found Ruby Bridges to be a very strong, loving, caring individual and they admired the things that she did. They wanted to
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know more about her after I finished the story, so I read them the "afterwards" in the back of the book.
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LibraryThing member JamieJohnson
Ruby Bridges is a story about young girl who was apart of a movement where 4 black girls entered first grade at all white schools. Ruby entered a school all by herself and faced angry parents and students who didn't want to share a classroom with her. This book would be great to read during black
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history month. Also any age is great for this book.
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LibraryThing member kjburkhalter
Ruby Bridges starts at a new school. There are no other students, and the school has one teacher. Ruby is a black student starting school at a newly integrated school.
LibraryThing member kimcc
For those who haven’t read this book, it is quite powerful because it has a surprise built in. The reader, like the teacher, doesn’t understand Ruby’s behavior until the end when they learn Ruby is silently praying that God will forgive the angry mob for their ignorance. This realization
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sticks with you long after finishing the book.

This book can be used in the classroom for different levels of students. I have even read it to my college students in relation to units on the Civil Rights movement and especially the role of women in the movement. We research many unknown names of women who made significant contributions in order to show students how the movement was carried by more than just the commonly known names of MLK and Rosa Parks. Younger students could do similar activities as well. Their research could be showcased in their school library for events surrounding Women's and/or Black History Month.
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LibraryThing member LyndsayE82
Inspiring story with a good moral. Students love that it is a true story. This book can open up a discussion about being left out.
LibraryThing member Cra71
This story truly sheds light on how evil the small children were treated during integration. It tells the story in a simple manner, but truly gets a complicated point across to the reader. It also shows that not all white people were mean to African Americans during this time. I would highly
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suggest this book to anyone, especially teachers who are teaching on this subject.
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LibraryThing member errudd
Based on the true story of Ruby Bridges. Tells her story of the first African American girl sent to an all white school.
Lower elementary
read aloud
THEMES- race, discrimination, civil rights, school, hardships
LibraryThing member aje3
This is a very inspring story of a brave girl who lead the ranks in the civil rights movement. I like how it is written on an early elementary reading level so younger students can learn a little about our nation's history and the price that many African Americans had to pay in order for minorities
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to enjoy some of the privileges they are finally experiencing. I would recomend any second grader to read this book.
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LibraryThing member shellybjorklund
Genre: Biography
Review: This book takes the life of Ruby Bridges and tells it in a format that would be relatable to young readers. She is a young girl who just wants to be treated fairly and get a good education. Readers would understand the racial segregation of the time and how it was
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Media: Water colo
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