Green Eggs and Ham (I Can Read It All by Myself Beginner Books)

by Dr. Seuss

Hardcover, 1960


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Random House Books for Young Readers (1960), Edition: 1st, Hardcover, 72 pages


In verse, Sam-I-am tells of the virtues of green eggs and ham.

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LibraryThing member A_musing
'I do not like Green Eggs and Ham.
I do not like them Sam I am.'

LibraryThing member gbill
Anybody who has tried to get a child to eat something new, something suspiciously healthy that they resist, will understand the simple idea behind this book. Hey, try new things, you may just like them. Be open-minded.

It’s interesting to me that the shorter Sam-I-am seems more childlike than the
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guy he’s trying to get to eat the green eggs and ham, who starts the story in a classic parental pose, sitting in his chair reading the newspaper. It’s a little bit of role reversal, and from that perspective the other message for kids is one of persistence. Don’t always take no for an answer.

If someone seems adamant about trying something or doing something in real life, ask them “how about in a box? How about with a fox?”; odds are they will understand the reference and at least smile.
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LibraryThing member MeditationesMartini
The basic story is a classic Seussian power struggle between two poor souls placed on an odd plane of reality with the mandate to impose their will on one another by any means necessary, but I like this one because it works if you read it singsongy in the traditional way but also if you read it
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straight, and is quite funny in either case.
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LibraryThing member akg118
Classic book that everyone should be introduced too! Tells a story about a character "Sam I am" and his "Green Eggs and Ham". Helps teach children they should try new things, they may end up liking them! Also, I remember in elementary having moms bring in green eggs and ham! It made for a fun
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activity! Loved the book!
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LibraryThing member msmalnick
Do I really have to tell you about this book? If this doesn't teach you a) how to rhyme and b) to open your mind, I can't help you.
LibraryThing member awidmer06
Genre: Fantasy/ Poetry
Age Appropriateness: Primary-Intermediate
Review: This book is a good example of fantasy and poetry because the story includes personified animal-beings with word rhymes. The narrative would not occur in reality but the story line conveys truth that children understand in an
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imaginary setting. This absurd storyline follows the Cat in the Hat through tunnels, houses, boxes, etc. He refuses to taste green eggs and ham, but his little friend, Sam, still tries to have him sample the tasty snack. In the end, the Cat in the Hat tries a bite of the green eggs and ham and decides it is a tasty treat.
Media: This book is a good example of pen and pencil because the figures are outlined in pen then filled in with colored pencil. The colored pencil allows for varying textures, colors, shades, dimensions, and lines.
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LibraryThing member JulianneM
This is a classic Dr. Seuss book. It is a great book for its use of rhyming and originality with its illustrations. It is about a character who really really does not like green eggs and ham. The other character Sam tries throughout the whole book to get him to like green eggs and ham! Finally
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something happens at the end... you will have to read the book to find out!
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LibraryThing member marisa_9087
This book is about a person that always refuses to try something new until one day Sam decides to try green eggs and ham and discovers they arent as bad as they look.

This book is great to read to younger children because we all know how picky they are when it comes to eating. It allows them to see
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that you shouldnt judge things just with your eyes, that you should be open minded and try new things. Its a classic its funny and has great pictures the children always love this book.

In the classroom we would first read this book then have arts and crafts pretaining to the story and prehaps also have green eggs and ham one day!
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LibraryThing member DHARDY
This is a great beginning reader and rhyming book for children. This is the story of Sam I am trying to convince the grown up gentleman to try the green eggs and ham. He keeps going to different locations in an effort to convince him to try the green eggs and ham until finally he tries them and
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realizes that he does like green eggs and ham and he thanks Sam I am for having him try them.

I love Dr. Seuss books, his simple rhymes make his book easy to read and very memorable. I love the way this simple story of Sam I am getting the grown up to eat the green eggs and ham also teaches children not to judge a book by its cover. I especially like the fact that they referenced the color green since we know most children hate vegetables so you can relate the story to vegetables.

This book can be used to discuss many of the things that we dislike based on their appearance. With young children the discussion can be started off with talking about vegetables, after discussing the book they may realize that they may like the vegetables if they did try them. It can also be applied to people, books, etc.
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LibraryThing member LottaBerling
This was the first book my babyboy Sam had the patience to listen to from the first page to the last - and this book has many more pages than his other books. We are a Swedish family but he doesn't mind the language - he seems to like the rythm and, of course, the pictures.
A colleague of my husband
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told him about a book on rhyme with a main character named Sam, so I searched the Internet and found this wonderful book. We read it several times a week :)
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LibraryThing member SalemDjembe
I never wanted to read this book
So as I child I didn't look,
The thought of moldy food was vile
Ignored it did I for all this while
Now I'm grown with stomach strong
I've put this book off much too long
You Got me Suess, you did your best
And now I sit here quite at rest
I like me some green eggs and
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So much I may just read again
Your charming words and fun galore
Fond of you now, you're not a bore
I recommend this book to all
In love with greenish things you'll fall
And who'da thunk, Lets now rejoice
That Dr. Suess is pronounced Zoice.
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LibraryThing member conuly
We all know this book, no need for me to re-iterate the plot.

What makes it work, though, is that Dr. Seuss understood the importance of breaking the rules - something many of his imitators never grasp. He didn't stick to a rhyme scheme or a meter all the time, he varied it and dropped it when
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needed. That makes his books readable instead of mind-numbing - even when you're reading them for the 1000th time straight :)
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LibraryThing member aswideman
Green, Eggs, and Ham shows students that even though they may think they don’t like something, they make actually like it if they try it such as broccoli that their parents want them to eat.
LibraryThing member kirkonly
Green, Eggs, and Ham is a classic Dr. Seuss book about a character named Sam. Sam asks another character if he likes Green, Eggs, and Ham. He says that he does not and from there it is a fun filled, humorous, rhyming book. Fun for people of all ages.

As a student this book is a classic. It is the
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book that you think of when you think of the name Dr. Seuss. The illustrations go right along with what is being read and allows you to see into the creative mind of the author.

As a teacher this book would be great for younger readers. You can show your students how to read rhymes and it also helps your students figure out what the words are because they rhyme. But the down side to this book is that there are some made up words in it that might confuse some young readers.
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LibraryThing member lacykay9300
This book is and oldie but still wonderful. it kind of rhymes has repetition of words and is fun to read! children will always enjoy this book. it is a favorite of mine. i would recommended it to everyone for class room use. this book is great in my opinion to get children interested in reading.
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dr.suess has many wonderful books!
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LibraryThing member ampitcher
this is a classic and its great to teach children not to judge things by appearance or judging them before they try it.
LibraryThing member lindsaygits1
Sam I am really wants to get his friend Mr. Fox to eat green eggs and ham, but he does not want to eat them at all. This is the best rhyme story for children, and very entertaining to watch their journey along the way.
LibraryThing member champlin
Picture Book. This is a great rhyming, nonsense book about Sam and the creature who he is trying to convince to eat green eggs and ham. The creature is very defiant, yet in the end he tries the green eggs and ham and likes it. I would used this book in the classroom for creative writing and the
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concept that trying new things is a way to find out what it the world you like.
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LibraryThing member PigOfHappiness
I loved this book so much as a child that I colored in it. :-) Honestly, this is a wonderful book that can help children read by making reading fun! Highly recommended! (In fact, I highly recommend all of Dr. Suess' work!) Appropriate for all ages :-)
LibraryThing member mlsullivan
This book is a classic of Dr. Seuss'. It tells us that sometimes it is best for us to try things once.
LibraryThing member JDHensley
This story was about a grinch who did not want to try green eggs and ham. Sam tried to talk the grinch into eating green eggs and ham but the grinch said he would not try green eggs and ham. At the end of the story the grinch told Sam to leave him alone. Then, the grinch decided to try the green
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eggs and ham. Last, the grinch told Sam that he liked the green eggs and ham. This story teaches children to try different types of food because you will never know if you like it unless you try it.
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LibraryThing member cgammerman
I think every child should read this book at some point! It is easy to read because of the rhymes and is funny and informative. It teaches a good lesson and is the perfect book for a new reader. Dr. Seuss is so creative and reading this book will help improve childrens creativity.
LibraryThing member acwheeler
This is one of the first books I learned to read with my book buddy in Kindergarden. I love this book because of all the ryhmes and funny sayings. Great book for beginner readers!
LibraryThing member abconnor1
This book is a classic. There is a person who's name is Sam, and he is trying to get his friend to try green eggs and ham. He asks him a series of places that he could try the green eggs and ham, but the friend always tells Sam he does not like them. One day after Sam had decided he would try on
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more time, the friend said enough I will try the green eggs and ham. Once he tried them he really liked them and told Sam he would eat them every place that Sam had sugguested earlier in the book.
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LibraryThing member mcprice
This a great book to read to children because it as about trying new things. One of the characters goes around saying he hates green eggs and ham, but has never tried them. It shows that we need to trying different things, to see if we truly do not like green eggs and ham.


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