Let's Roll!: Ordinary People, Extraordinary Courage

by Lisa Beamer

Other authorsKen Abraham (Contributor)
Hardcover, 2002


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Tyndale House Publishers (2002), Edition: First Printing, Hardcover, 317 pages


Biography & Autobiography. Family & Relationships. Religion & Spirituality. Nonfiction. HTML:2003 ECPA Gold Medallion Award winner! Lisa Beamer, wife of September 11 hero Todd Beamer, reveals what really happened on the ill-fated United Flight 93, and shares poignant glimpses of a genuine American hero. She talks candidly about her life with Todd and the devastating day her children learned their daddy had died, the mix of grief and joy when she gave birth to the daughter she was pregnant with at the time, and how she found the confidence to go on in the face of such tragedy and loss.

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LibraryThing member MrsRJ
Stunning, heart-wrenching and finally empowering. Filled with hope, Lisa Beamer is proof that anyone, despite their personal circumstances can find the strength to stand up and keep going!

Absolutely Amazing!
LibraryThing member kysmom02
Lisa Beamer, wife of 9-11 hero Todd Beamer amazed me with her story. I picked up this book hoping that I would learn more about the Flight 93 that went down in Pennsylvania on that horrible day. However, what I got out of the book was much more than just information. Lisa's strength and faith in
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God are contagious.

The book is a story about how she and Todd met, their families and their belief in the Lord. There are many scripture passages that mean a lot to Lisa herself, and many that Todd kept written in places that he would see them at regular times. There are quotes from Todd's phone call to the authorities from aboard the plane where he was relaying the events that were unfolding. There was also a poem that one of Todd's youth group kids wrote. It made me cry. I think that I wished that there was more information about what happened that day, but I also really think that Lisa gave us all she had. No one will ever have all the answers and if I felt frusterated by that, I cannot even imagine how the familes of the victims feel.

September 11th is a day that most of us will never forget. It is a day that changed each and every one of us in a different way. Each and every time the National Anthem is played, I cry. I don't ever remember that happening until after that fateful day. This story truly touched my heart and I thoroughly enjoyed reading it. I can take away all the positive things from this story, and live in hope.
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LibraryThing member indygo88
I initially had some trouble getting into this one -- the entire first half was basically a biography of Lisa & Todd's lives prior to 9-11 & while that was fairly helpful, it droned on a little too long. If you're picking this book up in hopes of learning more about the events of 9-11, you'll need
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to skip ahead to the second half for things to really get "rolling". Essentially, this is a story of extreme faith in the midst of crisis, and I found it very touching and comforting. Overall, this was a very well-written account of the events of 9-11 from Lisa Beamer's point of view & the role that her (& Todd's) faith in God played in providing strength to persevere. The factual & spiritual aspects were blended together very well & I deeply admire both the relationship that Todd & Lisa had with each other, as well as their relationship with God. I'd recommend this book to anyone who's grieving over the death of a loved one, as well as to anyone who'd like to get an insight on the events of United flight 93. My only regret with this audiobook was that I wish Lisa Beamer herself had done the reading. While Lisa Helm (the reader) was very articulate, she was almost too sugary-sweet at times, especially during the first half of the book.
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LibraryThing member carlienichole
This account of Lisa Beamer trying to make it through the loss of her husband and father of her children after the 9-11 terrorist attack in truly inspiring. Her trust and belief in God empower her to make it through and continue on with her life while raising her two children, being pregnant, and
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spreading her husband's story to Americans all over the nation. It is an amazing story not only about the heroes of 9-11, but true, inspiring faith in God that can get you through anything. Amazing book; everyone should read it!
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LibraryThing member SABC
In LET'S ROLL Todd's wife, Lisa, reveals what really happened on that ill-fated flight, as well as poignant glimpses of a genuine American hero. She talks candidly about Todd's growing -up years, their maggiage and last week together, family moments without him, mix of grief and joy, and how she
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found the confidence to go on in face of tragedy and loss.
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LibraryThing member E.J
Heartwrenching, but fascinating.
LibraryThing member wareagle78
Well told story detailing the life of Todd Beamer, and the aftermath of his death on 9-11.
LibraryThing member DVerdecia
This was a sad, yet easy read. The details of what happened on flight 93 were pretty riveting. Not much to review here. It was a one sided view based on the events of 911. What really did happen? I guess you had to have been there...then again, I am thankful I was not.
LibraryThing member JenniferRobb
Written by the wife of one of the men who fought back against the terrorists on the flight that ended up crashing in Pennsylvania on 9/11. She received a relayed call and heard her husband's voice saying the words "Let's Roll" at the end which is where the first part of the title came
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Inspirational--and a good way to never forget what happened that day--and that one person can make a difference--and that several people banded together can make a difference even under impossible odds.
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Christian Book Award (Winner — Biography/Autobiography — 2003)


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