The Berenstain Bears Forget Their Manners c. 2

by Stan Berenstain

Other authorsJan Berenstain
Paperback, 1985


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E Be c. 2


Random House Books for Young Readers (1985), Paperback, 32 pages


Mama Bear comes up with a plan to correct the Bear family's rude behavior.

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LibraryThing member LeesyLou
When the Bears begin to forget their manners, Mama develops a "Bear Family Politeness Program," requiring a service activity (such as sweeping, dusting, or rug beating) as a consequence for any infraction. While Papa starts out as the most frequent plan violator, he learns that good manners are
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even more important in adult interactions than juvenile ones.
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LibraryThing member eakoepke
This is a sweet story about a family of bears that forgets their manners. The mama bear makes a chart of chores that are consequences for forgetting their manners. This book teaches children the importance of being polite and considerate for those around you.
LibraryThing member alswartzfager
When I saw this book in the store, I had to read it because my whole entire childhood I absolutely LOVED the berestain bears. This particular book is about manners. The little bears forget to use their manners so mama bear makes up a chore list. Every child knows that they are supposed to use
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certain manners, and everyone forgets from time to time. This is such a cute book to read and discuss about manners that some students have at their house.
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LibraryThing member ermilligan
This particular book is about manners. The little bears forget to use their manners so mama bear makes up a chore list. Every child knows that they are supposed to use certain manners, and everyone forgets from time to time. This is such a cute book to read and discuss about manners that some
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students have at their house.
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LibraryThing member jagroce
This book is good for teaching children the proper manners. Mama bear makes a list of chores for the kids if they forget their manners. the book is fictionally and has some great illustrations.
LibraryThing member Aecape
This is a wonderful book collection to have for a classroom. Students love the Berenstain Bear collection. I read this book and thought it was great. It is a book about manners. The Berenstain Bear children had forgotten their manners and this book goes over and reinforces the manners. The way the
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book is written is very funny and pictures are great. STudents love to read these books. This collection of books might not be read aloud books but great books to have in your classroom library for your students to read. They will eally enjoy them!!
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LibraryThing member clstone
'The Berenstain Bears Forget Their Manners' by Stan Berestain is the story of the bears and the children's manners. Sister and brother bear act as if they have forgotten their manners, and mother and poppa bear remind them what they have been taught. This story is great for students in early grades
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to read as it reinforces manners and may teach them some they don't know yet. The Berestain bears are always popular with students, also.
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LibraryThing member roseannes
Just like the other berenstain bears book, mama teaches the whole family a lesson. This time she teaches them good manners. By extension, kids learn good manners, too. I see this just as a classroom book to throw in since you probably wouldn't have a "manners" unit... or maybe you would? Like a
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unit on being "polite" and saying "thank you" and "please" and such. I enjoyed the book because of the illustrations, they were really fun.
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LibraryThing member mgcook1
Sometimes we forget just how important manners our. In this book, the Berenstein family is reminded in creative ways just how important it is to use manners at all times. The book describes how we must all remind each other of our manners sometimes.
LibraryThing member JenessaMorgan
This is a great Berenstain Bears book. The children have forgotten their manners and Mama Bear has to make a chart. The chart consists of chores for rude behaviors. It is a great book to use with the theme consequences. I would use this in teaching because it shows consequences of what could happen
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if you are rude. I would use this book for ages 4 to 8.
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LibraryThing member AmySueMiner
This is a wonderful story by Stan and Jan Berenstain. This book is about how a family of bears forgets their manners. They don’t say please or thank you, share toys, or help others out. All they care about are themselves. Mama bear is sad and upset about this so she makes The Bear Family
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Politeness Plan which has a rudeness and a penalty. For example if you are playing with your food, you will wash the dishes. Because Papa, Brother, and Sister Bear don’t like chores, they start to use their manners. They used them so much that it just became habit.
I would have this book in my classroom because it has a good storyline. I think many children now need to use more manners. Another reason why I would have this story in my classroom is because there are great illustrations. This book is appropriate for children ages 4-7.
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LibraryThing member Audacity88
There's a reason this is one of the most popular Berenstain Bears books. The pacing of the story is exquisite, and the illustrations and descriptions of the ways the various family members forget their manners - and in which Mama Bear reminds them - are hilarious.
LibraryThing member ssmith93
This story is an enjoyable read especially with children at home. Mama Bear has noticed that her family has forgotten their manners and they are being rude to each other including Papa Bear. They are forgetting to say "Please" and "Thank you." They are pushing without saying, "Excuse Me" and
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reaching across the dinner table. Mama Bear tried coaxing, complaining and shouting to no avail. She tries to get Papa's help, but she quickly realizes that he is part of the problem. At her wit's end, Mama creates a Politeness Plan to get the family's attention. For every rude act, there is a penalty. The plan seems to be working because Mama has noticed a change for the better in the treehouse. Her family is back to minding their manners and all is well. Even at the end of the story when the family experiences a fender bender, Papa remains calm and polite and the other bear is reminded to use his own manners.

The story reminds children to not only use their manners, but gives examples such as using "Please and Thank you" as well as "Excuse Me." Showing the children that using a chart or plan can help prompt a person to be mindful of using their manners. The students see that the children learn their lesson and begin using their manners out of habit not just because of the politeness plan.
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LibraryThing member LexaGoldbeck
I really liked this book because, for one, I love all Berenstain Bears books. (I read all of them/had all of them as a child) I really like how on the first page, with the title, there is an "etiquette for bears" note and it says, "'Please' and 'Thank you' Help quite a lot. To make a polite bear
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out of one who is not." I like this because it really sets the tone for the book and is already giving clues to what the actual story is about because in the beginning, Brother and Sister Bear are both arguing and aren't using their manners. However, after being taught by Mama and Papa Bear, they learn how to correct their actions and how to be polite. For example, in the beginning, they would forget "please" and "thank you" or rude pushes instead of an, "excuse me" and even name calling, such as, "silly head, fuzz brain, and noodle puss." At the end of the story, they were saying things like, "terribly sorry to have kept you waiting," and "excuse me, brother dear!" To get Brother and Sister Bear to this point, Mama implemented a "Bear Family Politeness Plan" where if you did something that wasn't polite like, "name calling," you had a penalty like, "clean the cellar." I really liked that this was how the manners were implemented because it really gave a reason for the Bears to be polite. I also really like that the manner rules not only applied to Sister and Brother Bear, but to Papa and Mama bear as well because it showed the children that it is not only them who need to learn how to improve their manners. For example, Papa Bear interrupted Mama Bear at some point and Mama says, "Thank you, Papa, for your comment. But interrupting is number three on the Rude List, and the penalty is dusting the downstairs."

The big message in this story is, obviously, the importance of using manners. In the beginning, Brother and Sister Bear have no use of manners and after Mama implements the "Bear Family Politeness Plan," the cubs both decide to be "overly polite" so that Mama will get fed up and drop the plan. However, the cubs get into the routine of being polite to each other and forget about the plan all together. This also says something about, once you do things enough times over and over again, it begins to become a routine and not something that you think about. I think that Brother and Sister developing these manners without even thinking after a while, is a prime example of that.
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LibraryThing member Sopoforic
The Berenstain Bears Forget Their Manners is another didactic story, telling how Sister and Brother and Papa Bear behave rudely, and poor, saintly Mama Bear must bring them back from the brink of barbarism.

The story, such as it is, is simple and direct. Mama's family is behaving rudely, and she
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will not stand for it. She tries coaxing, complaining, and shouting, and she tries enlisting Papa Bear to shout at the children, and none of these things cause them to be more polite. Eventually, she creates "The Bear Family Politeness Plan," a list of 'rudenesses' and 'penalties' that she hopes will effect the changes she wishes to see. The cubs, too clever for their own good, decide that they will be so overly polite that Mama will get sick of it and give up on the whole idea. Their plan doesn't work, and eventually they're just polite out of habit. Mama wins again.

It's probably clear from my tone that I don't care for this book. As entertainment, it is a failure. I suspect that its sole purpose is as a prop for parents to justify similar 'politeness plans' for their own children.


(The full review is posted on my blog.)
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