Hannah's Hope (The Red Gloves Collection #4)

by Karen Kingsbury

Hardcover, 2005


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FaithWords (2005), Hardcover, 176 pages


"A fifteen-year-old girl longs for the father she never knew"--Provided by the publisher.

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Lonely Teenage girl in D.C. looks for her father in the Army
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Hannah is a 15-year old daughter of two diplomats. Her parents are currently in Sweden, with her father as Ambassador and her mother as his political wife and allay. Thus, Hannah lives with her grandmother in Washington, the popular student of a prestigious school who excels at just about
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everything she attempts and is involved in. Based on all of her activities as described and mentioned, it is obvious Hannah is very involved, almost too involved, in my opinion. However, Hannah does not have one thing she really wants, a loving solid family who are and stay with her through thick and thin. Her mother sends her a letter describing her earlier life and the man who really is Hannah’s father, a man Hannah never knew or even heard about before the letter. When Hannah finds out her own parents will not be coming home for Christmas, she sets out to find the man who is her father, though she has never met or seen him that she can clearly remember, he has had no contact with her as far as she recalls, and her mother has never mentioned him before. Hannah’s search goes through a myriad of twists and turns, as she seeks the one happiness that has eluded her, a good, solid family. I found this a fantastic, heartwarming story of love and discovery. I empathized from the get-go with Hannah’s but understood also where her mother was coming from. I found the current wartime situation draw –in interesting and well done, as well as the many ways Hannah went about her search. The ending was perfect for a wonderful holiday read. The story was not a long one, and moved along quite nicely and naturally. I can easily become a holiday classic, as it provides just the right kind of holiday warmth and good feelings holiday classics do. I received this from NetGalley to read and provide and honest review.
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176 p.; 5.38 inches


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