Berenstain Bears & the Truth

by Stan Berenstain

Paperback, 1990


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Random House Books for Young Readers (1990), Paperback


Brother and Sister Bear learn how important it is to tell the truth after they accidentally break Mama Bear's most favorite lamp.

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LibraryThing member t1bclasslibrary
Brother and Sister bear start to play ball in the house without realizing that they shouldn’t, and end up breaking Mama Bear’s favorite lamp. When they tell her a lie, she makes it clear that she is more upset about their lying than their rule breaking, and they tell the truth. They still break
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rules, but they’re always honest.
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LibraryThing member eakoepke
This is a fictional book that is part of a series. The illustrations are colorful and cartoon-like. The content of this story has a greal moral, to always tell the truth. The bear cubs accidentally break Mama Bear's favorite lamp, and they lie about how it got broken. Papa Bear teaches them that
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the truth is always the right way to go, even if it isn't that easy. The reading level of this book is from kindergarten to third grade. The cirricular connections for this book could be honesty, lying, and bears.
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LibraryThing member baphilipson
This is a really good book for young children. It teaches them about telling the truth. If I have a class or kindergarteners or first graders, I would definitely read this to them. It shows the brother and sister getting along and playing, one of them tells a lie, and they have to endure the
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LibraryThing member abcarter1
1st-3rd grade. Long but easy to read. Brother bear and sister bear break a lamp and tell different stories about how it got broke.
LibraryThing member chron002
This book is another book on lessons. This book teaches about how a lie can get bigger and bigger and cause much more trouble than the truth. Brother and sister bear learn a valuable lesson by blaming the broken lamp on other things. I loved this book as a child.
LibraryThing member LaurenGodwin
I think that this book is good for young children because it teaches them that they should always tell the truth. It is easy for kids to stretch the truth and this book teaches them that it is not okay to tell a lie. It shows them the consequences of telling a lie as well as the rewards for telling
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the truth.
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LibraryThing member kyoder06
Genre: Modern Fantasy
Age: Primary
Media: Computer

This is a great example of a modern fantasy book for children because the bears act like humans while they talk and drive cars. The books in this series are loved by kids and teach great lessons.
LibraryThing member mcdarden
The 'truth' book is great for children getting ready to head off to school. Some children have major problems with not being honest, or completely making up a story. My best friend's niece went through a stage where she lied about every single thing she would tell my friend and I. This book would
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have been perfect for the child, and any other child who as problems with not being honest. The bears learn what they should do when it comes to telling the truth. If the bears would have just told their mom about them breaking the lamp, the mother would not have been as disappointed as she was about the cubs lying to her. Kids going into Kindergarten may want to tell make believe things so the other students will like him/her. The teacher should start off the first day, and read the book.
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LibraryThing member ahauze
A typical Berenstain Bears book that focuses on the value of telling the truth, even when things go wrong. Brother Bear and Sister Bear knock over Mama Bear's favorite lamp while their parents are out shopping. When their parents return, instead of telling them the truth, they create a "whopper" of
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a lie. When Brother and Sister get caught up in their lie, they learn that telling the truth is an important aspect of trust, that once broken "is not something that you can put back together again."
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LibraryThing member mbackes10
Great lesson on not to lye. My first graders really enjoyed the pictures and moral of the story.
LibraryThing member ErinALogan
These books are books I believe all kids should read. The Berenstain Bears family teaches children lessons through interesting stories and colorful pictures.
LibraryThing member law2110
Mama knows no cubs are perfect all the time, but she thinks Brother and Sister can usually be trusted to tell the truth, until one lazy day when her favorite lamp is broken. The broken lamp turns into the biggest whopper Brother and Sister have ever told.***SRC Quiz***
LibraryThing member babshe1
The Berenstain Bears books have been a favorite of mine, but I do really believe this book is one of the best. I really enjoy this book because of the characters and how they act and behave. The authors are so good with brother and sister bear, making every situation very realistic and plausible.
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In this book brother and sister break a lamp with a soccer ball and in fear both of them lie to their mother to not get in trouble. Another reason I love this book is the plot of the story. The story starts on a boring day with nothing to do and so the kids get rough and play soccer inside, giving us the buildup of knowing something bad is going to happen. The authors then have the conflict of breaking the lamp and move into the lying bears. In the end though they show the big picture of the book by having mama bear talk about how "A broken lamp can be glued back together, but trust cannot be". Last, I love the images in these books, not only do they bring back many childhood memories, but they connect very well with the story and sometimes you don’t even have to read the page to understand what is happening. When brother bear kicks the ball the words describe what is happening and how quickly, the illustration is showing almost word for word the process of the lamp being broken. The big picture or main theme of this story is that the true is always the best.
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LibraryThing member mbabst
Most books have a plot that you can almost predict. This book was very predictable but can teach people of all ages a life lesson. I would read this book from age 1st- 4th grade along with pre-k and k students. It teaches a lesson of morality on lying. The more you lie, the more you have to keep up
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with your lies is the lesson this book was trying to portray. A brother and a sister broke one of their mother's rules of the house. As a consequence, they broke their mother's favorite lamp and came up with this outrageous lie on how the lamp broke. Both the brother and the sister confused their story when telling their father getting them caught in a lie. When the came out with the truth, they realized that a lamp is something that can be fixed, but the trust is something that once it is broken, it can be never be fully fixed again.
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LibraryThing member EmilyDrennan
The Berenstain Bears is a series of 54 books. I chose to read The Berenstain Bears and the truth because I feel that it portrays a great message. Brother and Sister bear are home alone and accidentally break a lamp while playing soccer in the house. When their mother gets home they tell her this
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elaborate lie because they don't want her to be upset that they were playing ball in the house. When father gets home, they start to tell him the same story, but can't remember the exact story they told mother. Mother and Father start to realize that they are lying, and ask for the truth. Brother and Sister admit that they were playing ball in the house and that they are very sorry. Mother and Father are happy that Brother and Sister learned a valuable lesson that honesty is the best policy. Mother is proud that her children told the truth and knows that they will tell the truth from now. This story shows children that you should always be honest because telling a lie can make everything worse.
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LibraryThing member wichitafriendsschool
When Mama goes to the market, Brother and Sister play soccer in the house . . . and end up breaking a lamp! When Mama asks them what happened, they tell her a series of whoppers that just get bigger and bigger. Will they ever tell her the truth? This beloved story is a perfect way to teach children
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about the importance of honesty.
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LibraryThing member Sopoforic
The Berenstain Bears and the Truth tells how Brother Bear and Sister Bear tell a lie, and come to learn that they should always tell the truth, because, as the book says, “trust is one thing you can’t put back together once it’s broken.”

The story opens with Brother and Sister Bear sitting
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at home, doing nothing, and bored. Sister Bear suggests some things they could do, but Brother dismisses her ideas. Annoyed, she accuses him of being in love with the soccer ball he’s been holding. Incensed, he challenges her to try to stop him from dribbling the ball past her. Of course, playing soccer in the house must end badly, and Mama’s favorite lamp is broken.

When Mama arrives back home, moments later, Brother and Sister insist that it was a bird that broke the lamp–a purple bird with yellow feet, green wing tips, and red feathers sticking out of its head, they embellish. But Mama and Papa, who arrives later, aren’t fooled by their story. Mama tells them that the lamp can be fixed, but she is sad that her cubs, who she’s always trusted, are lying to her, and that trust can’t be so easily repaired.

Hearing this, both Brother and Sister fall all over themselves to take the blame for breaking the lamp, and we are told that after this, they “never, ever again told a whopper.”

Like many of the later books, the story is just there to hang the moral lesson on, so it’s not that great. But the part with them describing the bird is a little amusing, and the lesson is good, even if it’s a bit unbelievable that they never lied again.


(The rest of this review is posted on my blog.)
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