History of Saint Barthélemy

by Georges Bourdin

Paperback, 2012




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A history of the island of Saint-Barthélemy from 1100 to the 1970s. Not just a historical treasure trove but also a wonderful tale of savage Indians, adventuresome colonists, marauding pirates, selfless clergymen, and most of all a brave lineage of St. Barth people who, over several hundred years, have made up the history and heritage of this unique island. All proceeds to benefit nonprofits on St. Barth.… (more)


lulu.com (2012), Edition: Second Edition, 192 pages

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LibraryThing member jeffome
I've been blessed the past 4 years to have a 2 week + vacation on this French island paradise in the middle of January. It is a spectacular place full of natural beauty, much of it unspoiled, perfect weather and fascinating charming people. I am not a French speaker or reader, so when i happened on this book of St. Barth history written in English, I snapped it up quickly. Overall, it tells 400 + years of history, most of which i was completely unfamiliar with. Much violence and fighting between natives and other Europeans as all fought for position in the Caribbean. Natural disasters, fighting, abject poverty, corruption, slaves, taxes and tariffs, religion and war all play a part in the story, one that is almost hard to believe applies to this amazingly beautiful refuge. Hard to get to, no significant ability to grow crops, drought and hurricanes made it a challenge to survive here, and various countries bounced it back and forth over the centuries. Not the best written book i have ever read as far as flow, and i wish there was more relating of incidents and structures to those spots today for perspective. And I was really hoping to learn more about the salt ponds and the harvest of salt from them, but it only received a casual mention. Translation may have played a part in the choppiness, but i learned more than i knew before and that is a good thing.… (more)


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