Floral Bouquets: To the Daughters of Eve

by Ruby Bute

Paperback, 1996




Library's review

"Ruby Bute's second volume of poems, 'Floral Boquets to the daughters of Eve, is a tribute to women of all walks of life. It comes at a most appropriate time; a time when women have somewhat lost the true sense of their values,
She reminds us that we were not only created to be the companion of man, but to complement man, the perfect combination. We were intended to be, "the finishing touch to embellish a perfect and wonderful world."
This volume of verse is as diverse as a boquet of flowers, but the central theme is what manner of woman can we be. Ruby Bute celebrates life in its most trying forms- struggles can be redeeming. The autobiographical flavor of her anaysis adds sincerity and profundity to the reality which depicts the truth and forcefulness.
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Columbia Publishers (1996), 64 pages


Physical description

64 p.; 7.8 inches


1884830013 / 9781884830013
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