HER(E): A Collection of Queer Caribbean LGBTI Affirming Poems and Short Stories

by Ms Lysanne GoddessEye Charles

Paperback, 2019




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This is the first collection of poetry and short stories from Caribbean poet and writer Lysanne "GoddessEye" Charles. This collection focuses on affirming LGBTQI experiences in the Caribbean region and Charles hopes that it will be a collection in which Caribbean Queer folx can find pieces of themselves. The collection contains 30 poems covering four areas warrior, lov(h)er, sweetjuice and rainbow and 2 short stories. The poems are a journey through the coming of age of a woman-loving woman in a region where being herself is often still taboo. The pieces cover a range of topics including love, passion, desire, anger, desperation, deviance, and hope. Charles invites readers to come with her and experience what she has over the last two decades as an out lesbian in the Caribbean.… (more)


Lysanne Charles (2019), 132 pages


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132 p.; 5.5 inches


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