Caribbean Interlude

by Joshua K. Bolles

Other authorsWill Johnson (Editor)
Paperback, 2013




Library's review

"Caribbean Interlude' is a time capsule of life on Saba in 1931 under the shroud of the great stock-market crash. Mr. Joshua Bolles, an editor and journalist by profession, came and lived on Saba for about a year. He exchanged the hustle and bustle of the big city for a lifestyle as slow as a competition between a tortoise and dripping molasses. It is not only good, old-fashioned reading and entertainment, but a faithful chronicle of a strong race of people on a very small island (Saba) with no harbor, no electricity, no motor vehicles and only goat paths between the various villages, in a time where simplicity and individualism counted for more than they do now.… (more)


Artygraphic (2013), 172 pages


Physical description

172 p.; 8.43 inches


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