Slaafgemaakt: Rethinking Enslavement in the Dutch Caribbean

by Felicia J Fricke

Hardcover, 2020



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Slaafgemaakt: Rethinking Enslavement in the Dutch Caribbean is a fresh and unique examination of the lives of enslaved people on the islands of CuraƧao, St Eustatius, and St Maarten. Using a ground-breaking combination of original data from human skeletons, archaeological artefacts, and the
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testimonies of local people, it reveals for the first time the real lived experiences of enslaved people on these islands. In a bold departure from previous literature, this study focuses on the physical and psychological impacts of enslavement. Dr Fricke takes us on a journey through 23 objects including a perfume bottle stopper, a blue glass bead, a candle holder, and a fish-hook, uncovering with intimate sensitivity and compassion the hidden stories of daily life for enslaved people behind these objects.

Speaking powerfully to our present moment, this book challenges the status quo in archaeological research and investigates important questions such as: how does slavery affect the mind and body? What are the similarities and differences between slavery in the Dutch Caribbean and in the wider Americas? Why is this knowledge vital for modern society? And what should we do with this information?

At turns harrowing and moving, yet always fascinating, this urgent and compelling study brings us closer than ever before to the real experiences of enslaved people in the Dutch Caribbean.
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Common Ground Research Networks (2020), 142 pages


"Slavery is never past in the way that we usually think it is: it is present both materially and psychologically in the lives of descendant communities, and it is an institution that persists internationally. Consequently, it is imperative that we fully understand the impacts and mechanisms of enslavement in the past so that we can help to dismantle them in the present. In recent years, researchers have used archaeological, sociological, and historical data to examine the lives of enslaved people. Using data not only from archaeological, sociological, and historical sources, but also original osteological, archaeological, and oral historical data, the author weaves stories about the lives of enslaved people that are personal and meaningful, and that take into account both the physical and psychological effects of enslavement"--… (more)


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