Jesus of Nazareth: Holy Week: From the Entrance Into Jerusalem To The Resurrection

by Pope Benedict XVI

Other authorsJoseph Ratzinger (Author)
Hardcover, 2011



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232.901 BEN



Call number

232.901 BEN




Offers a detailed analysis of Jesus Christ's final week in Jerusalem, examining the political, religious, and scholarly aspects of Jesus' life, teaching, death, and resurrection.


Ignatius Press (2011), Edition: 1st American Edition, 362 pages

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1586175009 / 9781586175009


(59 ratings; 4.3)

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LibraryThing member CACPua
In this second book of Pope Benedict XVI's "personal search for the face of Jesus", he presents a fundamental and essential description of Jesus both as a historical person marking an event in the history of mankind and a faith-deducing person in Christ. His interpretation of the coming events in scripture from the entrance into Jerusalem, to the passover meal, his crucifixion and finally the resurrection and ascension is beautifully crafted, rich in theology and critical rationality. Since this is a book done in his personal curiosity, it should not be understood as the final teachings of the Church. Nevertheless, Benedict XVI provides an insightful reflection and in some points, new ways of looking at the scriptural events. His manner of explaining events through the lens of Jewish tradition makes the reader understand more the context of what is happening. It is a decisive work where he draws back meaning on original texts, in Hebrew, Greek and Latin and presents how these are understood today. Jesus of Nazareth: Holy Week is not only a work of purely academic and theological depth but also a spiritual work of art that induces meditation and hunger for knowledge who Christ is.… (more)
LibraryThing member marti.booker
A little less concise and clear than the first volume, but still filled with a lot of insight.


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