Heavenly Army of Angels

by Penny Lord

Paperback, 1991



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235.3 LOR



Call number

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Bob & Penny Lord's new book focuses on that great Army we have been given, the HEAVENLY ARMY OF ANGELS, to give us strength & confidence that we are not alone, because of this exalted assembly of the Heavenly Hosts. Bob & Penny's years of researching shrines, have proven to be great assets in bringing you the Heavenly Army of Angels in the Old & New Testament, & in the history of our Church. Experience the excitement of the Angels, as you read: The Guardian Angels, Jesus & the Angels, Our Lady & the Angels, The Archangel Gabriel, God's Messenger, St. Michael Claims a Cave & a Mountain, The Angels Carry the Holy House to Loreto, Our Lady of Pilar & the Angels, The Popes & the Angels, Angels in the Lives of the Saints, The Popes & the Angels, Angels Among Us...& much more. Never fear, or feel alone. The Angels are always with you. Bob & Penny want to share the confidence the Lord has given them through the Angels. Bob & Penny Lord are well-known Catholic authors, & authorities on the shrines of the Angels & Saints. Their simple & engaging style has placed them among the most popular Catholic writers of the day. For further information or to order, phone 1-800-633-2484.… (more)


Journeys of Faith (1991), Edition: First Edition, 254 pages


0926143107 / 9780926143104


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