The Heart of Virtue: Lessons from Life and Literature Illustrating the Beauty and Value of Moral Character

by Donald DeMarco

Paperback, 1996



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Call number

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The Heart of Virtue brings to life in an inspirational and memorable way what is at the core of every true moral virtue, namely, love. It presents twenty-eight different virtues, and reveals, through stories that personify these virtues, how love is expressed through care, courage, compassion, faith, hope, justice, prudence, temperance, wisdom, etc... It is a treatment of virtue that is both unique and original. It is unique in that twenty-eight distinct virtues are both illustrated in story form and explained through philosophical analysis. It is original in that many of the stories have never before appeared in print. The Heart of Virtue is a veritable liberal education in itself, bringing together in a carefully balanced and readable manner, distinguished personalities from diverse enterprises and periods of history. It literally sparkles with celebrities recruited from science and the arts, philosophy and theology, medicine and religion, stage and screen, sports and entertainment. But the book does not ignore the relatively unknown who provide several human interest stories that are both moving and unforgettable. The reader will be both astonished and edified by the determination of Winston Churchill, the compassion of Simone Weil, the courage of Edith Piaf, the humility of Charles Steinmetz, the patience of Walker Percy, the modesty of Flannery O'Connor, and the integrity of Jacques and Raissa Maritain.… (more)


Ignatius Press (1996), 231 pages


0898705681 / 9780898705683


User reviews

LibraryThing member dandelionsmith
This is an excellent book; a superb resource. The author introduces the necessity of virtues, what they are, and their warrant or the origin. Each chapter begins with a story or stories that illustrate that particular virtue, and then the author provides some further analysis of how that virtue may be developed in one’s own life.

Two features of this book that help it rise above “Tending the Heart of Virtue “ and other books like are the definitions and the in-line references to other books. Reasoning or arguments begin with proper definitions, and this book provides helpful definitions of the virtues. Secondly, this is one of those books that inspire the reading of other books.
… (more)


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