Love: The Words and Inspiration of Mother Teresa (Me-We)

by A Blue Mountain Arts Collection

Hardcover, 2007



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LOVE: The Words and Inspiration of Mother Teresa is part of the new Me We book series from Blue Mountain ArtsA(R). Inspired by the life and philosophy of one of the 20th centuryas most remarkable humanitarians, this book combines compelling photographs of Mother Teresa with quotations from her most inspiring speeches and writings to capture the true essence of her timeless messages of peace, acceptance, and love. The book also includes an in-depth biographical essay by South African writer/novelist Mike Nicol and an introduction by Archbishop Desmond Tutu.


Blue Mountain Arts (2007), Edition: 1, 95 pages


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(4 ratings; 4.8)

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LibraryThing member RochelleRobinson
This is a sweet story of Mother Teresa. This book sheds light on her life and her passions. She lived most of her life in India. She truly had a servant's heart, even as a young girl. She didn't want people to make a big deal about her life. She did everything out of love for God and others. It was not by accident that the phrase "yet not I, but Christ liveth in me" was one of her favorite phrases. Her mother and father suffered tragedies that affected Mother Teresa for the rest of her life. Her father was assassinated by poisoning and her mother was grief stricken and emotionally immobilized for a long time.

I really enjoyed reading this book. I love to read stories about people who have faced difficulties but have risen above it and have made themselves successful. Mother Teresa was just

As a classroom extension, I would not only read the story to the children but we would also discuss some of her thoughts and share in her poems. As an example, Mother Teresa said, " do not allow yourself to be disheartened by any failure as long as you have done your best." We would brainstorm this quote and decide what it is saying to us.....perhaps it is saying to always do your best regardless of the result in the end. Another example of her thoughts was, "let us be very sincere in our dealings with each other and have the courage to accept each other as we are." This thought is powerful and moving. What better lesson can we teach our children? True values and kindness are a priority. Who knows, one of them might be the next Mother Teresa because of her example.
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