Priestblock 25487: A Memoir of Dachau

by Mr. Jean Bernard

Paperback, 2007



Call number

940.53 BER



Call number

940.53 BER




"In May 1941, Father Jean Bernard was arrested for denouncing the Nazis and sent to Dachau's "Priest Block," a barracks that housed more than 3,000 clergymen of various denominations (the vast majority Roman Catholic priests). Priestblock 25487 tells the gripping true story of his survival amid inhuman brutality, degradation and torture."--BOOK JACKET.


Zaccheus Press (2007), 177 pages

Original publication date

1945 (serial publication)


0972598170 / 9780972598170


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User reviews

LibraryThing member Chris_El
We usually think of the holocaust as being focused on the Jews (and it was) but, there are other people that were also targeted for elimination. One group was religious leaders who did not toe the line and support National Socialism. This is the story of a Catholic priest, who was never told why he was arrested, who was sent to Dachau. He talks about the camp life and how people were killed and tortured in the camp and the incredible cruelty of the guards. It's a wonder he survived. A sad tale but important to remember when we strive to understand the totality of evil expressed by the holocaust.… (more)
LibraryThing member Fearshop
Important memoir because it is from a priest and shows how priests were treated. As with all survivors of concentration camps I am always astonished by the perseverance, will to live, help from others, and just pure luck it took to make it through alive. This memoir is no different. Must read especially if you are Catholic.


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