The Moral Compass: Stories for a Life's Journey

by William J. Bennett

Hardcover, 1995



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808.8 BEN



Call number

808.8 BEN




"The Moral Compass, the inspiring and instructive companion volume to The Book of Virtues, offers many more examples of good and bad, right and wrong, in great works from literature and in exemplary stories from history. Organized by the stages along life's journey, The Moral Compass moves from the first character lessons taught in the home, which shape the way children see life, to the countless choices that call the virtues into play as they grow older. The stories and poems serve as reference points on a moral compass, guiding the reader through the ethical and spiritual challenges along the pathway of life: leaving home, entering into marriage, easing the burdens of others, nurturing one's children, and fulfilling the obligations of citizenship and leadership." "The Moral Compass offers well-known examples from Western history and mythology along with a wider selection of tales and folklore from Asia, Africa, and Latin America. Drawing on familiar authors such as Hans Christian Andersen, Washington Irving, Leo Tolstoy, and John Milton, as well as on intriguing but forgotten tales from centuries past, the stories in the Moral Compass are literary and evocative, designed to inspire as well as instruct."--BOOK JACKET.… (more)


Simon & Schuster (1995), Edition: 1, 824 pages


0684803135 / 9780684803135


(46 ratings; 3.9)

User reviews

LibraryThing member charlie68
A compilation of stories from ancient times to modern and coming diverse areas of the globe. The best stories tend to be from great writers like Tolstoy, Dickens and Chekov the retellings are a hit and miss affair depending on the quality of the writer. Some are great and some seem smarmy. Another critism of the book is similar to that of Book of Virtues in that there are a lot of American history stories which don't have the same significance for Canadians.… (more)


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