The Mass for Children


Hardcover, 1990



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J 264.36 WIN



Call number

J 264.36 WIN




This St. Joseph Picture Book introduces the Catholic Mass to young children, taking them step-by-step through all the elements of the rite from beginning to end.

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Catholic Book Pub Co (1990), 32 pages


0899422152 / 9780899422152



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LibraryThing member maryanntherese
A simple booklet for little ones to follow along with the Catholic Mass.
LibraryThing member ElizaJane
Reason for Reading: We used this book over an extended period of time as part of our religious studies every homeschool morning.

This is an excellent book which simply does as its title proposes. It presents the Mass in an easy to read font, highly illustrated for children. It does much more than this though. First there is a one page introduction which explains in simple, yet not childish, language why we have Mass. The Mass presented is an ordinary times one and is shown in the most standard version with only a few times giving the optional responses for versions A,B,C or D. Both the Nicene Creed and the Apostle's Creed are given at the appropriate time. I found it to virtually be representative of any standard ordinary times Mass that I have attended.

While presenting the Mass, the book also explains briefly in small red print what each part of the Mass represents, what it means, why we are doing it. The priest's words are in normal font, while responses are in bold print. On the left hand side in easily noticeable blocks of print it tells when to Stand or Sit. It does omit kneeling, though. Which is easy enough to add yourself if your parish kneels as does ours. Thus once the child has been guided through the book, they can take it to church with them and use it as there own mini-missal to help guide them through the Mass and the responses.

As I always say with this series of books this one is perfect for adults (RCIA candidates and those returning to the Church after a long period) to help when you first attend Mass to get over that strange feeling, until the Mass becomes familiar to you. And, of course, the book is a goldmine for learning all the responsorial songs and prayers: Lamb of God, Holy Holy Holy, May the Lord accept this sacrifice, I confess to almighty God, etc. It is all here in this one little book!
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