The Ten Commandments DISC 1

by Cecil B. DeMille (Director)

Other authorsCharlton Heston (Actor), Dorothy Clarke Wilson (Writer), Cecil B. DeMille (Producer), Anne Baxter (Actor), Yul Brynner (Actor), Edward G. Robinson (Actor), Yvonne De Carlo (Actor), Rev. J. H. Ingraham (Writer), Fredric M. Frank (Writer), Henry Wilcoxon (Producer), Aeneas MacKenzie (Writer)2 more, Jesse Lasky Jr. (Writer), Rev. G. E. Southon (Writer)
Video Recording, 2012



Call number

D 813 TEN



Call number

D 813 TEN


The story of the life of Moses from the Pharaoh's household through his life of leading his people to freedom.


Paramount (2012)

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(5 ratings; 3.6)

User reviews

LibraryThing member melsmarsh
Somehow I liked the animated version of this much better. Seemed more realistic. This was very long. I felt like I was wandering through the desert waiting for it to end.
LibraryThing member comfypants
The life of Moses, skipping most of the stuff in the Bible.

It's an awful movie, but it's a reasonably entertaining sort of awful, with plenty of opportunity for exclaiming "sweet fancy Moses" at the screen. Surprisingly, it took nearly three hours before I started to get bored. I can't figure out what audience it's intended for: it's too preachy for the non-religious, and too grossly inaccurate for the religious.

Concept: C
Story: C
Characters: C
Dialog: F
Pacing: C
Cinematography: D
Special effects/design: D
Acting: F
Music: B

Enjoyment: C

GPA: 1.5/4
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