Elizabeth, Who is Not a Saint (Tales for Loving Children Series)

by Kathleen C. Szaj

Paperback, 1997



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Call number

J 813 SZA




Grandmother helps Elizabeth understand that she can best express her strong spirit, not by getting in trouble with inappropriate words and actions, but by doing things that she likes and feeling proud of herself.


Paulist Press (1997), 32 pages


0809166380 / 9780809166381


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User reviews

LibraryThing member kandlekrazey
Elizabeth, Who is NOT a Saint is a book about a spirited young girl who seems to get into the most compromising of troubles. It tells how one should answer the door verus how Elizabeth opens the door. Her friends helo their parents in with groceries, always say excuse me after burping, and NEVER cut their party dress because the sleeves were too long. Elizabeth, the not Saint, does all of these things to the complete opposite to. Elizabeth says her aunts casserole looks discusting, and spits in her moms ear rather than kiss her mom good night. Grandma says she is just a high spirit but needs to get it under control. So if you think you have some mischevious children your in for a good read with this book.
As my family and I read this one allowed my children were astonished at Elizbeths attitude. They saw many things she did that were awful and many things that they do without knowing it wasnt nice.
In a classroom setting I might use this along the lines of discussing manners whether at home or in a public setting. We could also incorporate proper ideas of other things they think might be bad or mischevious in their daily lives.
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