Does God Know How to Tie Shoes?

by Nancy White Carlstrom

Other authorsLori McElrath-Eslick (Illustrator)
Paperback, 1996



Call number

J 813 CAR



Call number

J 813 CAR




As a young girl walks with her parents through the countryside, her questions elicit responses that help her to know God better.


William B. Eerdmans (1996), 31 pages

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080285074X / 9780802850744


(12 ratings; 4.3)

User reviews

LibraryThing member TimiF
This book is great for teaching children about God. It answers all of the questions children ask about God. It is great for ages pre-k through first grade. This also helps children paint a mental image of God.
LibraryThing member cduke3
I had mixed feelings about this book. I think for parents who want their children to believe in God, this could be a good resource. Although, I think are better books out there. What I did like about this book were the illustrations. The colors were chosen well, and represented the items in the pictures realistically. Sometimes the pictures took up 2 pages, while other times it only took one side of the book to portray the image. I liked the variety. Unfortunately, this also was one of the reasons that I was not too sure about this book. On some of the pages where the illustration spanned two pages, the text was hard to read over the images. On one page in particular half the text was buried inside of the grass. I had a hard time making out the words as an adult, so I think children at this reading level would have a harder time. Another thing that I liked about this book is the bible scriptures in the back. I feel Christian families would appreciate this feature. All the scriptures are from the Pslams, including "By the word of the Lord were the heavens made, their starry host by the breathe of his mouth." The scriptures also complemented what the story was about. Throughout the text, a young girl asks her parents many different questions about God, and the world. The main message of this story is that God is the creator, and his importance in a person's everyday life.… (more)


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