The Big Picture: Brendan and Erc in Exile, Volume 2

by Amadeus

Paperback, 2016



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YA 230 AMA



Call number

YA 230 AMA




When it was released in the Spring of 2013, the graphic novel The Truth Is Out There set the Catholic book world on fire with its unique and innovative blend of apologetics and entertainment, following two young heroes named Brendan and Erc as they explored the universe of faith and reason. It got young adults and teens talking - engaging and entertaining them, with eternal truths presented in a non-threatening way. Well guess what? Brendan And Erc Are Back And now in The Big Picture, a brand new adventure with high-quality full-color illustrations and a story line that's easy to follow they come face-to-face with the Drama and Mystery of God's plan for the salvation of the world. Pick up a copy of The Big Picture and get the young people, college-age students, and fun-loving adults talking about things that matter A portion of the proceeds will help support the Maronite Monks of Adoration Petersham, MA.… (more)


Catholic Answers Press (2016)

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1941663737 / 9781941663738


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LibraryThing member ElizaJane
This is an intense book! Not as entertaining as the first volume but practically xploding with information. It is a lot to take in and not a book to be read all at once. I ended up reading a chapter at a time to fully process all the information. Brendan has decided to become a Catholic and is taking his RCIA classes from the father while he and Erc travel around space on their job. Sometimes they meet the Father in person, other times it's over the screen. Erc is the skeptic, he is a lapsed believer and skeptical of everything that his taught. This volume covers the entire Bible from creation to Judgement Day with the focus being on the prophecies of the coming of the Messiah and then how and why Jesus was that Messiah. How he brought salvation and redemption to mankind. The conversation goes through a teaching mode with Father and Erc being the skeptic asking the usual questions and bringing up the usual answers non-Christians (esp. atheists) bring to the table. Father refutes them all with reason, logic or turning the question back on Erc. Brendan is a questioning mind, as is encouraged of the Catholic student, and sometimes he finds Ercs comments/questions reasonable and discusses them with Father in a more seeking-the-answers manner. As an up-and-coming convert Brendan also has his own intelligent questions. Father's teaching and answers are always true to scripture and the magisterium. Very well researched book on the mystery of God's plan for our salvation written by a contemplative monk. The book makes excellent reading for recent converts, those participating in RCIA and older teens. It most certainly is recommended for use in a teaching environment.… (more)


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