Prayer of the Warrior

by Michael H. Brown

Paperback, 1997



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235.4 BRO



Call number

235.4 BRO




Spiritual warfare is at an all-time high! In whose army are you a member? A riveting account of front line action in the eternal battle between good and evil as experienced by best-selling author Michael H. Brown. Parapsychology, a brush with the Mafia, and fascinating encounters with the supernatural make Michael's story something you will not want to miss and inspires all to join in this spiritual war.


Faith Pub Co (1997), 236 pages


1880033100 / 9781880033104


(2 ratings; 3.5)

User reviews

LibraryThing member mramos
Michael Brown, a successful journalist, in this book shares his own experiences and provides witness to the spiritual battle of good versus evil. And how evil seems to be the actual definition of the time we live in. He shows us that one of Satan's greatest powers is convince people he does not exist. While all along he is deceiving the world.

He shows us how the demonic forces have intruded into almost every aspect of modern life. And has been welcomed in our modern culture. Mr. Brown also shows us what he has learned on his spiritual journey. That as the apparitions of the Blessed Virgin Mary has been saying for years, Prayer and love will drive these fallen angels away. And from that arsenal, the Rosary and Mass our best weapons.
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LibraryThing member SerpensLiber
This book was full of interesting information regarding Marion apparitions, spiritual warfare, the occult, magic and New Age information. It reviews very clearly the Catholic position on these topics, however, other than avoid them and pray it offers no new insights. Interesting story if you believe in these types of apparitions and the fact that a spiritual battle rages on around us. I didn't find anything new or very useful in this book other than a refresher of how the Catholic Church feels about the occult and New Age Movement. This is not, however, and end of the world book either.”… (more)


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