Why I Became a Catholic: A Timeless Conversion Story

by Joseph Pope

Paperback, 2001



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Originally written as a personal testimony to his own children on why he became a Catholic, this is a thoughtful and timeless conversion story of Sir Joseph Pope written during the early part of the 20th century. Born in 1854 to a family renowned for distinguished service to the Canadian government, Joseph carried on the family tradition as a highly regarded civil servant. Like St. Thomas More, Pope was held in high esteem as a public servant, and he enjoyed the total confidence of prime ministers and governors, all whom sought his advice. He was a prolific author of some two dozen books and pamphlets, including the official biographies of major Canadian historical figures. Amidst this busy public life, Sir Joseph Pope developed a profound spiritual life and a mind always hungry for eternal truth. Raised in a nominal Anglican family, his persistent and courageous search for the fullness of truth and grace finally led him home to the Catholic Church.… (more)

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Ignatius Press (2001), Edition: 3rd ed., 119 pages

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0898708079 / 9780898708073


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LibraryThing member KarenElissa
I LOVED this book. It is a short little book written to the authors children, and later grandchildren, about why he converted to the Catholic Church. It includes a bit of history behind his conversion, the logic that lead to it, and a bit about what happened afterwards with relationships with his family and friends.

It amazed me how similar his story was to my own and to other converts I know, even with over a hundred years separating us. I would recommend it to all converts or anyone who wants a bit of an intro to what goes on in our heads.… (more)


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