Bible Stories Revisited: Discover Your Story in the Old Testament

by Macrina Scott

Paperback, 1999



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Call number

221 SCO




In her examination of the Gospel of Luke and the Acts of the Apostles, Macrina Scott gives special attention to those stories and issues particularly characteristic of Luke's writings: concern for the disadvantaged--especially women, the poor and cultural minorities--and prayer. This book revisits twenty-four stories and offers reflection on each Scripture story based on modern scholarship and Scott's insights as a religious educator and scholar. Bible Stories Revisited provides extraordinary opportunities for spiritual growth, especially for those who have fulfilled responsibilities to children and careers.


Saint Anthony Messenger Press (1999), 292 pages


0867163143 / 9780867163148

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Bible Stories Revisited, Discover your story in the Old Testament. Sr. Macrina Scott, OSF"Many of us learned Bible stories as children. When we revisit them later in life we bring a rich treasure of life experience that gives a depth and meaning to the stories. At the same time, the Biblical stories help us to appreciate and share stories from our own lives." From the Introduction In the Bible Stories Revisited, biblical educator Macrina Scott encourages individuals and groups to read the Bible through the lens of their own life stories to see how God has been at work in their lives.… (more)


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