Advent of the Savior: A Commentary on the Infancy Narratives of Jesus

by Stephen J. Binz

Paperback, 2016



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Advent is the season in which we reread and relive the experience of ancient Israel as it longed for the coming of the Messiah. It is also a time to reflect on the infancy narratives of Jesus which have enriched the lives of believers through the centuries. As an extension of Israel's longing for the Messiah, the infancy accounts serve as overtures to the writings of the evangelists, and stand as bridges connecting the Old and New Testaments. Advent of the Savior focuses on this connection of past to present so that we may deepen our longing for the Messiah's coming again and ask God in our own day to be Emmanuel, "God with us." The infancy narratives of Matthew and Luke express the basic truths about the divine and human mystery of Jesus Christ. Advent of the Savior reminds us that it is through these truths that we are called to move from longing for our Savior to hope in his coming again.… (more)

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Liturgical Press (2016), 72 pages


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LibraryThing member davidpwithun
This was a much better book than I originally expected it to be. The author, a Roman Catholic priest, introduces and explains the infancy narratives contained in the gospels of Matthew and Luke, observing especially the foreshadowing of these events in the Old Testament and the foreshadowing within the infancy narratives themselves of the coming death, burial, and resurrection of Christ. There are some very insightful comments on all of these passages to be found in this book. It's a very short read; it took me only two sessions of reading to finish completely. It's definitely worth checking out to get your mind and heart oriented toward the coming of Christ during the Nativity fast.… (more)


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