Annie: A Royal Adventure [G]

DVD, 1995



Call number

D 813 ANN



Call number

D 813 ANN

Local notes

"America's favorite orphan is back in a whirlwind adventure filled with sinister scoundrels, hilarious hijinks and nonstop fun. Oliver 'Daddy' Warbucks takes Annie and her friends, Hannah and Molly, to jolly old England so he can be knighted, but the evil Lady Edwina Hogbottom has plans of her own: to take over Buckingham Palace and become the Queen. When Hogbottom swipes a soft-hearted scientist to further her dastardly plot, Annie's button nose for danger gets them all thrown in the dungeon. Will Annie be able to escape, save England and still have time to finish her homework? Hang on to your hats for the spectacular finale, including a reprise of the treasure tune that promises a bright 'Tomorrow." Tallyho!" Aprox. 92 minutes.


Tristar Television, Inc.
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