Understanding Revelation: Decoding the Bible's Most Mysterious Book [Not Rated]

by Jimmy Akin

DVD, 2016



Call number

D 228 AKI



Call number

D 228 AKI

Local notes

"The book of Revelation is the most mysterious book of the New testament--and it's often used to attack the Catholic Church. Opponents of the Church claim that it is the 'Whore of Babylon' and that the pope is linked to 'the Beast' whose number is 666. These staples of anti-Catholic apologetics have been used to pull countless Catholics out of the Church. Even Catholics who are secure in their faith often don't know what to say when they encounter these claims. 'Understanding Revelation' is packed with 90 minutes of eye-opening material that paints an entirely different picture of the book of Revelation and what it is all about, covering topics like: Why most of Revelation doesn't deal with our future at all; Who the 'four horsemen of the Apocalypse' are; How to understand the book's 'cosmic catastrophe' symbolism; 'Who the Beast of Revelation really was; What the meanings of 666 and the 'Mark of the Beast' are; What the Woman clothed in the sun refers to (more than you might think!); How to understand the Whore of Babylon and her opposite, the Bride of Christ; When 'the Millennium' takes place; and what the little-known 'Middle Coming' of Christ is. The book of Revelation was meant to reveal God's message to his Church, and in 'Understanding Revelation' Jimmy Akin shows you how it does exactly that." Approx. 90 minutes.


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