Exploring the New Testament, Volume 2: A Guide to the Letters & Revelation

by I. Howard Marshall

Other authorsStephen Travis (Author), Ian Paul (Author)
Hardcover, 2002



Call number

227 MAR



Call number

227 MAR




The second in a series of six textbooks written by authors who have extensive experience of teaching students in the first two years of university level study. It enables students to engage with Letters and Revelation for themselves, and not just to be passive learners, and offers activities and challenges at introductory and intermediate levels, and the key background information needed to enable them to work at the required level. This new edition includes updated bibliographies throughout, with numerous corrections and updates.


IVP Academic (2002), Edition: 2, 336 pages


0830825584 / 9780830825585



(12 ratings; 3.7)

User reviews

LibraryThing member tcarter
Given that I purchased this book as the core text for a degree module on the NT epistles and Revelation, lectured by Stephen Travis, I guess I'd better be careful :-) This is, however, a genuinely useful reference book that I think will be useful as a resource in future ministry. It provides background info on the Graeco-Roman world, summaries of the structure and content of the NT epistles along with discussion of any controversies around issues such as authorship. Some of this material is a little repetitive if the book is read through at a single sitting, but is necessary in what is primarily a reference text. Two little features make it useful for the independent student. Firstly there are frequent "digging deeper" and "what do you think" questions to encourage further reading and directed thought. Secondly there are several excerpts from non-Biblical historical texts to illustrate context and provide insights.… (more)


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