The Church of Mercy

by Pope Francis

Other authorsGiuliano Vigini (Preface), Vincent Nichols (Foreword)
Paperback, 2014



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252.02 FRA



Call number

252.02 FRA




Pope Francis has captured the world's attention with his seemingly counterintuitive approach to leadership. In "The Church of Mercy," readers get a first-hand look at Pope Francis's vision of the good news of Christian hope and mercy. Designed for a broad readership, this is a compilation of essays, speeches, and homilies by Pope Francis since his election on being a church that exists among and for the people, solidarity with the poor, and the need to demolish the idols of power and money.


Loyola Press (2014), Edition: First, 150 pages




(12 ratings; 4.2)

User reviews

LibraryThing member kaulsu
I enjoyed reading a bit of the Pope's theology. This short book (150 pp approximately) is a compilation of various homilies he has made to a wide variety of both priestly, religious, and lay venues. More than a Liberation Theologist, as should be expected, the Pope preaches the mercy of Christ, the love of Mary, and an encompassing church.

I am not sure if the College of Cardinals knew what it was doing, or not, but I think the entire world has been blessed with this man.
… (more)
LibraryThing member lanewillson
A very short book, this is actually previous sermons given by the Pope. There is a bit more distance in the Catholic theology Pope Francis expresses, and the Methodist theology of my understanding, which is simply to say the book deserves a slower and more attentive reading than I'm capable giving at this time. That being said, the promise the world has seen in his ministry as pope is certainly present in these earlier sermons. These expressions are those of learned theologian, and though more complex, represents the same humble and simple message of Christ we have seen preached in the actions of Pope Francis, fisher of men.… (more)


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