Giants of the Faith: Conversions Which Changed the World

by John A. O'Brien




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248.242 OBR



Call number

248.242 OBR



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St. Paul, St. Augustine, Cardinal Newman, G.K. Chesterton, Orestes Brownson, and Isaac Hecker


Hanover House, N.Y. 1957 316 pages

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Media reviews

Franciscan Herald and Forum
Here are pathos, travail, terror, heartthrob, daring and high adventure. This book is bound to give encouragement and enlightenment to those who are groping in the darkness.
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Catholic Home Journal
...reading that is instructive, inspirational, even fascinating.
Those who have never read the lives of these key converts, or those who wish a readable, easily grasped review of them, will find this an ideal book.
The Critic
Giants of the Faith can be recommended as the kind of book which deserves a place on a general reader's bookshelf.
Best Sellers
The biographies are exceptionally well done and manage to be amazingly complete within the range allotted to each.
Fort Wayne News Sentinel
Father O'Brien has served the reader well with a remarkable insight into the lives of these important men who though at one time were famished souls could through reason and liberty, the two things so sacred and not forbidden to Catholics, become holy and great men - Giants of the Faith.
The general reader will find the book easy to read, hard to put down. The student of history or of spiritual theology will read it twice.
Catholic Standard and Times
Father O'Brien makes them live all the more vividly for the popular reader. No vignettes these, but deeply moving expressions of real men, their struggles, their triumphs, and most especially their deep influence for the good of the Faith.
Father O'Brien, long known for his popular convert stories, focuses on only six converts in this book, six of the greatest of all times, St. Paul, St. Augustine, Cardinal Newman, G.K. Chesterton, Orestes Brownson and Isaac Necker, the founder of the Paulists. In semi-popular style, basing his material on the best sources, the author sets forth the life, works and influence on history of each of his subjects, with evident regard for historical scholarship, just judgment and intelligent appeal for the reader's admiration and emulation of the virtues of the men he has to discuss.
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