Queen Mother: A Biblical Theology of Mary's Queenship (Letter & Spirit Project)

by Edward Sri

Paperback, 2005



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232.91 SRI



Call number

232.91 SRI




Queen Mother: A Biblical Theology of Mary's Queenship by Dr. Edward Sri sets out to explain the firm foundation of this dogma in Scripture and Tradition. As Pope Pius VII writes in Ad Caeli Reginam, in which he instituted the first Feast of the Queenship in October 1954: "The arguments on which Mary's queenly dignity is based have already been clearly set forth, and are to be found in ancient documents of the Church and in the books of the sacred liturgy." Based on Dr. Sri's doctoral dissertation, Queen Mother explores the role of the queen mother in the Davidic kingdom, examining the ways in which this theme sheds light on Mary's role as heavenly Queen and Mother of the Church. As he proceeds through the New Testament, Dr. Sri demonstrates the ultimate convergence of the queen-mother theme in the Gospels and the Book of Revelation. In his foreword to the book, Dr. Hahn reaffirms Mariology's potential "to gather the scattered disciplines by modeling an integrative, holistic approach-a biblical theology that integrates such seemingly diffuse and disparate fields as dogma, exegesis, and liturgy."… (more)


Emmaus Road Publishing (2005), 216 pages




(4 ratings; 3.8)

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LibraryThing member MaryAnn12
The Virgin Mary has been an inspiration to more people than any other woman who ever lived. For Catholics, Protestants, Jews, and Muslims, for artists, musicians, and writers, and for women and men everywhere she has shown many faces and personified a variety of virtues.

This book will certainly fill in your knowledge and appreciation for Mary and how she developed into such an icon of the church. Sri and Hahn shows how the person of Mary is an important person to all Christians and that she is an example of faith that everyone should strive to emulate.

Very readable, very interesting, great for devotional or study purposes. It is an excellent way to see snippets of the early church's view of the Blessed Mother.
… (more)


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