Feasts of Faith: The Old Testament Feasts and Their Fulfillment in Christ

by West Coast Biblical Studies Conference

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CD audiobook, 2008



Call number

C 220 FEA



Call number

C 220 FEA

Local notes

Presentations: "Calendar as Catechism: The Seven Feasts of Ancient Israel" by Dr. Scott Hahn; "The Paschal Mystery: How Jesus Celebrated and Fulfilled the Passover" by Prof. Michael Barber; "The Mystery of the Feast of Unleavened Bread" by Dr. Brant Pitre; "The 'Rest' of the Story: From Sabbath to Pentecost" by Dr. Scott Hahn; "Panel Discussion"; "The Lord's Day: Sunday is the First Day of the 'Rest' of Your Life!" by Dr. Scott Hahn; "Jesus and the Day of Atonement" by Dr. Brant Pitre; "Tabernacles: Old Testament Feast and Eucharistic Fulfillment" by Prof. Michael Barber; and "Homilies:


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