Labyrinths & Mazes: A Complete Guide to Magical Paths of the World

by Jeff Saward

Paperback, 2003



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Lark Books (2003), Paperback, 224 pages


Investigate the extraordinary story of labyrinths and mazes, found around the world in an amazing variety of forms, many of which are still flourishing today. Trace how the labyrinth started with a simple design -- a series of concentric lines, carefully connected -- unchanged for thousands of years and appearing in surprising locations. Find out how it then takes many shapes and is constructed in a range of materials in different cultures and periods of time, and in places as diverse as Brazil, Mexico, and the American Southwest, across Europe, in Iceland, and in Africa, India, and Indonesia. The labyrinth's development into the familiar puzzle mazes that are found in parks and gardens is only one of the twists you'll uncover in this fascinating tale. Book jacket.… (more)


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224 p.; 11.44 inches


1579905390 / 9781579905392
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