A Mother for Choco (Picture Puffin Books)

by Keiko Kasza

Paperback, 1996



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Puffin Books (1996), Edition: Illustrated, 32 pages


A lonely little bird named Choco goes in search of a mother.

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LibraryThing member ht_storytime
Super cute! Absolutely adorable story and the little kids loved it.
LibraryThing member jakdomin
This book has many meaningful messages about belonging and acceptance which many small children can understand. This large picture storybook is easy to read with repetitive text and has a heart warming story that everyone will find touching. Choco finally finds Mrs. Bear who takes him in as her own
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child even though he wasn’t a bear himself. This story may even be a good read for a child who had been adopted themselves to help them understand it.
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LibraryThing member xuesheng
Both my kids enjoy this book. Choco is a cute little, yellow bird who goes in search of his mommy just like the bird in Are You My Mother?. Only Choco doesn't succeed in finding a mommy who looks just like him. Instead, he finds a Mrs. Bear that holds him, kisses him, and sings and dances with
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him--all the things that Choco thinks a mommy should do. I like this book very much, but I am a little discomforted by Choco finding Mrs. Bear and then going off to her house to live with her. Still, it's a book about talking animals, so I think my reaction might be a bit silly. Besides, my kids seem to get it.
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LibraryThing member caitlinbennison
Choco lives alone, but wants to find his mommy. After finding many different animals who look a little bit like him but are not his mommy, he begins to get upset. He sees a bear, but she looks like nothing like Choco. He worries that he will never find his mommy. Mrs. Bear teaches him that a mommy
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doesn't have to look like him to be a good mommy. In fact, none of her children look like she does!
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LibraryThing member Erinhardy3
Choco is a little bird that is trying to find his mommy. He talks to a lot of different animals to see if they are his mother and also if they have the same characteristcs as Choco. He soon realizes that none of the animals do. He starts to get upset that he can not find an animal that looks like
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him. He then finds a bear and she says that she can be his mommy. He notices that she does not have the same characteristics as him, but she can still love him. He soon realizes that she has three other kids, and they also do not look like Mama Bear, but she loves them all the same!
I personally think that this book would be suitable for 1st or 2nd graders. It was a very good picture book, and also told the story through some of the pictures. I feel like the kids would enjoy this book, because it was about animals. I thought it was a super cute book and definitley has a meaningful message behind it. I would suggest this book to parents that have adopted their children.
This book will teach kids that you your family will come in all different shapes and sizes, and you do not have to look alike in order for your mother to love you. I would have the kids interact by drawing a family picture and how they are all different from one another.
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LibraryThing member Katieflu628
"A Mother for Choco" is a story that shows the love of a mother. This book shows that a mother does not always look like you, but will give you the hugs, kisses, love, and fun times! Choco is a prime example of adoption in the real world. Choco still finds the love of a mother, even with a complete
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different animal. The illustrations are great in this book! The illustrations are full of bright colors and personality!
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LibraryThing member jsanfi1
I love this book. The storyline is creative, demonstrating that a mother-figure does not have to be blood related. The only thing that matters is that you have someone that is there to love and care for you. I really like the colorful pictures of the story. Choco is illustrated as a bright yellow
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and blue bird, immediately attracting the reader’s eyes to her on every page. I also like the symbolism and character choice that the author used for the mother. It is interesting that the mother figure is a mother bear. This goes along nicely with the story; if the author had chosen the walrus to be the mother, the story might not have seemed as warm and comforting. Overall this is a great story, especially for children who are adopted and not confident in the fact that their mother is not their biological mother.
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LibraryThing member apetru5
I thought this was an adorable book for two reasons. One reason I liked this book is because of the endearing and engaging illustrations. Choco, the little bird, is portrayed with bright yellow and blue feathers and a cute smile on his face. In addition, the rest of the animals in this book seem
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happy and lovable. It makes the story very appropriate for its target audience of students in kindergarten through second grade. The second reason I enjoyed this book is because of the strong theme presented that can easily be applied to humans. The main idea of this book is that anyone who loves you and treats you right can be your family, regardless of if they look the same as you do. By the end of the book, Choco finds a loving mother in Mrs. Bear, although they are two different animals. This book can show adopted children that their family situation is no less real and special than anyone else’s, because all families don’t need to be related. It can also show children who are raised by their grandparents, family friends, or even their own siblings that a “mother” figure takes on many forms, and all forms are acceptable if they show you love.
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LibraryThing member katieloucks
nice story of adoption


Young Hoosier Book Award (Nominee — Picture Book — 1995)
Kentucky Bluegrass Award (Nominee — Grades K-3 — 1993)
Flicker Tale Award (Nominee — Picture Books — 1994)


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