Something Good (Munsch for Kids)

by Robert Munsch

Paperback, 1990



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Annick Press (1990), Edition: First Soft Cover Edition, 32 pages


Juvenile Fiction. Picture Book Fiction. HTML: Something good is exactly what Tyya, Andrew and Julie want to put into their shopping cart. Tyya's dad won't buy anything good at the store�no ice cream, no candy, no cookies. But when the saleslady puts a price sticker on Tyya's nose, Daddy is finally forced to buy something good..

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LibraryThing member tripleblessings
A favourite Munsch story, which is saying a lot because we love them all! A father takes his three kids to the grocery store, and gets frustrated when the youngest keeps taking junk food from the shelves. When he tells her to "stay there and don't move", she stays so still the clerk thinks she is a
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doll and puts her on a shelf, with a price tag on her nose! The joyful resolution shows the father's true love for his daughter, and will please both children and grown-ups. With fun illustrations by Michael Martchenko, this is good read for preschoolers through to grade 2.
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LibraryThing member conuly
Robert Munsch writes some weird books, that's for sure. I've read several of them, and the common thread is "this book is really over-the-top and weird".

Little kids think they're hysterical.

As an adult, I'm torn between "Yup, hysterically funny" and being a little concerned about some of the
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unfortunate implications of what's going on.

In this one, a little girl keeps trying to get her dad to get junk instead of food, and he tells her no, of course. He's so mad he tells her to stand still, and she obeys perfectly. Too perfectly - a stocker picks her up and puts her on the shelf with the dolls for $29.95!

Hilarity ensues, and eventually the man is forced to buy his own daughter... which, given that he's white and she's very biracial, does lead to me going "WTF?" slightly. Unfortunate implications, as I said. That's not what the story is saying, that's not what any little kid is going to get from it, there's nothing wrong with the story, it just weirds me out a little.

At any rate, both my nieces (5 and 2.5) found it really funny, and, as always, that's what matters. (They also like that her dad bought ONE bit of junk at the end for his daughter, a bag of colorful cereal. Aw.)
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LibraryThing member geoffman
Something Good, is on par with any classic book from Robert Munsch’s collection of children’s books. Like most of his books, it is illustrated by Michael Martchenko. Something Good is one of those picture books that warms my heart with vivid memories from 20 years ago. I can still remember
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sitting on the floor of my bedroom flipping through the pages of this book with aw and excitement. I love the image of Tyya sitting atop a mountain of three hundred candy-bars; a truly unforgettable image from my childhood.

Aside from being a great link to childhood memories, these books are also amazing to read out loud to children. The dialogue found in Munsch’s books are always exciting and fun, and can always be read in new and interesting ways, depending on the mood of myself on that day. They succeed in capturing the innocence of a simpler time called the 1980’s.
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LibraryThing member RebeccaStevens
Another Munsch masterpiece, this book is a fun story about a family trip to the grocery store. Taya is trying to help, but she only ends up making messes. Her father tells her to stand perfectly still until he gets back. She stands so still the store clerk thinks she is a doll and puts a price tag
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on her nose. Taya's father ends up paying for his beloved daughter, and everyone is happy because Daddy finally bought something good at the grocery store.

I love Robert Munsch's stories. They are expressly written to be fun read-aloud books, and the pictures are hilarious. This one is my favorite.

In a class setting, this book could be used in several units, including themes about family, shopping, love, and responsibility. It could also be used in a math class, for grouping practice as the family fills the grocery cart. It could also be fun to use it for an older group of students to practice their read-aloud skills.
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LibraryThing member dukefan86
The illustrations are colorful, but little Tyya putting up with having a price tag put on her seems out of character, after she's had the audacity to fill a couple of shopping carts with ice cream and chocolate bars. Hmmm.
LibraryThing member KayceBivins
Something Good is a wonderful book to use with expression. The author uses words and illustrations and onomatopoeias to help with the expression of the different characters in the story.
LibraryThing member MarianaBaez
Tyya goes grocery shoping with her dad and picks out some items herself since she believes that her dad does not buy anything good. After she picks out a large quantity of two unhealthy items she gets in trouble and is told to stand there. Once of the staff on duty confuses her for a doll so she is
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then put on the shelf and has a price tag so that she may be sold. Once it is time to go her father must then pay to be able to take Tyya home. Tyya then says that her father has finally bought something good. The author demonstrates voice throught the story. This would be a great book to share with the kids for father's day.
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