Parts (Picture Puffin Books)

by Tedd Arnold

Paperback, 2000



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Puffin Books (2000), Edition: Reprint, 32 pages


A five-year-old boy thinks his body is falling apart until he learns new teeth grow and hair and skin replace themselves.

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LibraryThing member ed118188
Funny story of a boys ideal of what is happening to him as he goes about his day. Great picyures that make the story even funnier. The details of what happens to him as he sneezes, gets a cut, etc. Is something my 5 year old may say to me in the same situation.
LibraryThing member tjsjohanna
Funny book about the fears kids have regarding their bodies. Goofy illustrations.
LibraryThing member kapeoples
First grade reading level. This book is about a boy who is experiencing what he thinks are body malfunctions, he is leaking at the nose and crusting over his ears. This is a great book for teaching about parts of the body and their functions. The story and pictures were humorous and very enjoyable.
LibraryThing member quicksilvertears
I love to read this book over and over. Children are curious about their bodies and love the funny conclustions that the little boy in the book makes when he finds bellybutton lint and thinks his stuffing is coming out. The illustrations are fabulous with wild expressions as the the little boy
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tries to figure out what is happening to his body.
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LibraryThing member Esus15
oh my gosh, i love love love this book, everytime i read it i just laugh. i just think of every kids that i've ever known getting upset about the same stuff that this guy is upset about. this child find ordinary, yet weird things and he thinks he's falling a part. there are more books to the series
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and i hope to get them soon.
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LibraryThing member rfewell
The kids loved this silly boy in the book -- they thought he was such a fool that he didn't know about boogers and ear wax!
LibraryThing member Danie88
I remember my mom reading this to my sister and I when we were little... it is such a cute and funny book.
LibraryThing member adrianneosmus
Parts is a book about a little boy who thinks he is falling apart. All the changes that are happening to his body is completely normal but he is very concerned. His hair is falling out, he has lost a tooth, and his skin is peeling after a long bath. After he is in a full panic, his parents tell him
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that everyrthing is okay and that he is not falling apart.

I really liked this book. I read this book to a older class and they seemed to enjoy it. It has good pictures in it and it is a fun book to read.

You could let the children pick their favorite part of the book and draw a picture that best describes the part that they chose. You can also use this book when you talk about changes that your body makes as you get older.
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LibraryThing member tmarks
The hilarious story of a little boy who is convinced he is breaking apart!
LibraryThing member katitefft
This clever book by Tedd Arnold might be considered a good example of poetry becuase the entire book is made up of four line rhyming stanzas describing a young boy's panic over the changes he discovers are occuring to his body. Like most young children, the child in this poem is curious and
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uncertain. He is unsure of what it means when teeth fall out or hair falls out. This book though portrays a wonderful loving set of parents who ensure their young son that these changes are normal. In its funny humorous way, this book will ensure young readers that they are normal too.
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LibraryThing member mlunsford17
This book is about a little boy who starts noticing changes in his body and comes to such hilarious conclusions as to why these changes are happening.

I found this book very amusing because sometimes I hear the kids in my class similar things when they notice something different about
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This book would be very good to use to introduce a module about the self and the body. The kids could also start a growing chart to keep track of their growth or one to keep track of how many teeth they are losing or any other change they notice in themselves.
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LibraryThing member lynny_nicole
Parts is about a little boy who is confused about his body. Strange things begin to happen as he sees a few strands of his hair in his brush, or when he has a runny nose and loses a tooth. He thinks he is falling apart but his parents tell him he is "ok". He then discovers yellow stuff in his ear
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and begins to not believe his parents.

I thought this is a very cute book. I loved it. I will definitely buy this one for my son. I think children will love it because it has the gross factor and its fun learning about he human body.

I would use this book as an introduction to talking about some of the changes that they will be experiencing as they get older. I would also try to go along with the gross factor and let them draw their own gross part to the book.
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LibraryThing member stevekep32
Hilarious book about a hypochondriac kid who thinks he's falling apart. This is a great read aloud book and will make kids laugh. It's also a clever way to teach about natural things that happen to your body (i.e. hair falling out).
LibraryThing member biblio_girl
Do you ever use phrases like: you crack me up! or break a leg! or you kill me! Well so do the grown ups in this story. The little boy takes them literally though. The wonderful pictures convey the literal meanings of these catch phrases. Wonderful!
LibraryThing member slblack2
Parts is about a five year old going through normal development stages in life. He loses his hair, his teeth, and his skin peels. He panics and thinks that he is going to fall apart and become nothing. His parents try to tell him that he is normal and this is a normal part of growing up. However,
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when he finds "yellow stuff in his ear" it is easy to see that he isn't quite sure his parents are right.
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LibraryThing member occovey
Narrative book that is all about kids thinking something is wrong with them. About a little boy who starts discovering his body is changing. Teeth get loose, hair falls out; he thinks he is falling apart till his parents break the new that every thing is normal.
LibraryThing member emilylock
This is a Contemporary Realistic fiction book about a boy who doesn’t quite understand what is happening with his body. Things like finding hair in his brush and his teeth falling out are marking him think his body is falling apart. His parents tell him that he is ok but he’s not sure if he can
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believe them especially after he discovers yellow stuff in his ear.

I thought this was a very cute book because I’m sure that kids really think like this about things because they really don’t know why and how things work they way they do.

This is a good introduction to learning body parts and learning about changes that our bodies go through. You could have the kids draw something that they think is weird that their body does.
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LibraryThing member TaylorLanman
A little boy is quite worried that his "parts" are coming "unglued". He finds such things such as fuzz coming out of his belly buttton, his teeth falling out of his gums, and his hair falling out of his head. He is going crazy thinking of the many possible conclusions for his problem.
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However, his parents end up telling him that he's okay and he believes them...until he finds yellow stuff coming out of his ear.

Personal Reflection:
I remember reading this book in elementary school. It was one of my favorite books. In fact, I have already purchased it for a classroom library that I'll have someday!

Extension Ideas:
1. I would have my students write in their journals about their own bodies changing and "falling apart".
2. I may also have my students draw pictures of their experiences of "falling apart".
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LibraryThing member josephm1
This book is about a young boy who can't figure out what is happening to his body. He discovered fuzz in his bellybutton, something fell out of nose, skin is falling off his body. He is a nervous wreck because he doesn't know what is happening to his body. He is convinced the glue that holds his
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body together is finally loosing its stick! What shall he do? Read this book, it is hysterical!
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LibraryThing member rjholman
Very clever books using body parts to tell a story. Some kids may not like that the kids eyes pop out or his head pops off but the illustrations are great, booklist
LibraryThing member kwilk
Summary: This is a story of a little boy who is combing his hair and notices that some of his hair is falling out. He begins to think that his whole body is falling apart. He gets his dad's masking tape to keep himself together and then his parents tell him that he is just growing up and has
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nothing to be afraid of.

Personal Reaction: I laughed through this entire book! I am a mother of two young boys and I could see both of them acting this way! I will definitely use this book in my classroom one day.

Classroom Extention: 1. This book could be used in a personal hygiene lesson. 2. As you go through the book, the class could point out the rhyming words.
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LibraryThing member jrlandry1410
In this book we are greeted by a charming little boy who goes about his day the way any normal boy would....until he starts to notice some strange things going on with his body. There's gooey stuff coming out of his ears and nose, the skin is peeling from his toes, some gray stuff that looks like
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stuffing is coming out of his belly button! The boy starts to panic and thinks that he is falling apart piece by piece. He attempts to tape himself back together until his parents find him and explain that these things are normal and happen to everyone. They assure him that he is not coming apart at the seams. A great book for kids to learn some of the things that their body does over time. Also a really fun and funny book for them too.
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LibraryThing member coachncheern
This silly and gross book is a humorous attempt of a child trying to understand normal losses of skin, hair, and other body parts that regenerate.
LibraryThing member brittanynicoleb
Parts is a book that every child would enjoy. It has the gross factor, and the funny factor. The little boy within the story starts noticing changes about his body, such as, a loose tooth or pieces of his hair in his comb. The little boy begins to worry that he is falling apart, and wonders
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how he could be going bald at five. Eventually, his parents tell him that changes to his body are normal. The little boy is very relieved.

Personal Reaction:
I loved reading this book. I even checked out the next book, More Parts by Tedd Arnold to see what happens next. I will have this book on my bookshelf for my children someday, and will also use it in the classroom when I begin teaching.

Classroom Extension Ideas:
Parts would be a great book to use for young children, such as, four or five year olds because small children would enjoy hearing the bizarre things the young boy encounters and the pictures are wonderful within the story. Also, Parts would be a great book to use with older kids possibly 5th graders. This book would be a great book to use to explain to children about puberty, and how your body will change and that changes to your body are normal.
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LibraryThing member karennhesse
Summary: This is about a boy who is confused about his body and thinks that it is falling apart. He finds belly button lint and boogers and doesn't quite understand what is going on.

Reflection: This was a really cute book that kids would really enjoy because it does have that gross part with
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boogers that all kids love to laugh about.

Classroom Extension:
1. Can do a body lesson, teaching kids about all the weird things your body does.
2. Make an art project where they color a body and add the weird stuff to the picture.
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