Thank You, Logan! (Hopscotch Hill School)

by Valerie Tripp

Paperback, 2003



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Amer Girl (2003), 48 pages


Nature-loving Logan comes to school on her day to take care of the class rabbit even though she has a cold, prompting Miss Sparks to teach the students about proper sneezing etiquette. Includes tips for parents to help their children with learning.

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LibraryThing member t1bclasslibrary
Logan loves nature and sharing, but she finds herself sharing her germs without meaning to. Mrs. Sparks teaches her about germs, and she finds something new to share- information on how to wash hands and use a tissue so that you waon’t share germs.
LibraryThing member Jcadd13
Thank You Logan is a book about a girl, a bunny, and a snuffly cold. Logan brought something from the outdoors to class every time for show and tell, she brought leaves, rocks, and even worms. The class had a pet rabbit named Razzi and Logan loved to take care of the rabbit. One day Logan noticed
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her eyes were watery and her throat was sore. She went to give Razzi a snuggle and sneezed everywhere. The next day Razzi was sick as well so she asked her teacher if she had gotten Razzi sick. Her teacher reasurred her that rabbits could not catch a cold from people but people can, and that it is important to be careful about washing hands and covering up sneezes. Logan makes posters with drawings of Razzi to hang up around the classroom about germs and being careful when you're sick. The class almost always remembered to cover up and wash their hands all thanks to Logan. This early chapter book is realistic fiction.
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