Kiss Me, I'm Perfect!

by Robert Munsch

Paperback, 2008



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Cartwheel Books (2008), 32 pages


When Lacey reluctantly wears to school a shirt from her grandma that says "Kiss me, I'm perfect," she is pleasantly surprised by what happens.

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LibraryThing member hnnewton
You could read this book just for fun. It would be appropriate to read to a classroom to help the students understand that sometimes things you don't want to do at first turn out to be great in the end.
LibraryThing member conuly
I love this. The argument between the girl and her mother (I would WASH your clothes if I could FIND your clothes!) is so real - and the girl's rejoinder (You PROMISE you'll bring me a new shirt? You won't go to work and cut down a tree?) is priceless.

Of course, in classic Munsch fashion everything
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goes over the top. I never knew eagles and moose could read and kiss people! (Naturally, a moose kiss that covers you head to toe with green gunk is a LOT less gross than a BOY kiss, ew!)
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LibraryThing member MeditationesMartini
Two things make this: the fact that he mother is a logger, and the part where she gets kissed by a bear and then they totally don't even follow up.
LibraryThing member StephanieWhite
Lacey starts her morning with no clean clothes. She decides to wear one of grandma's horrible gift shirts to school. The shirt reads, "Kiss Me - I'm Perfect!." Lacey is kissed by a variety of animals (and one boy) before deciding that grandma's shirt was wonderful.

I can relate to the laundry
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problem posed in this funny story. Lacey's reactions to the animal kisses are so funny I know kids will be entertained by this book.

In the classroom, invite students to design their own "grandma shirts" with funny sayings. I might also use this book as a springboard to discuss responsibility and chores.
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LibraryThing member ke141703
Summary: This book is about a girl who cant find any clean clothes to wear. She does not want to wear the shirt her grandma got her because it is embarrasing. She wears the shirt anyways and it says Kiss me I'm perfect and she gets lots of kisses so she decides she loves the shirt.

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Response: I think about how i can never find what i want to wear in the mornings. I thought this book was so cute because of how she reacts to wearing a shirt from her grandma but then she finds she likes the shirt.

Classroom Extension Ideas: You could do an art project with watercolors and pen because that is what the artwork in the book is. Also you could maybe have the students design a shirt that maybe they think would be embarrasing to wear.
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LibraryThing member YMcMillion
This was a great book about having things work out in ways you would never expect. You always have to look on the bright side of things and this book does exactly that. It shows that even when you are wearing something that you think you might be made fun of for, if you just appreciate it, things
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might turn out in an unexpected way.
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