Does a Kangaroo Have a Mother, Too?

by Eric Carle

Other authorsEric Carle (Illustrator)
Paperback, 2005



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HarperCollins (2005), Edition: Illustrated, 32 pages


Presents the names of animal babies, parents, and groups, for example, a baby kangaroo is a joey, its mother is a flyer, its father is a boomer, and a group of kangaroos is a troop, mob, or herd.

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LibraryThing member bplma
Always a winner, carle brings common and not so common animals and asks us if they have a mother too--rhyme and repetition and prediction--plus animal identification and prediction make this charming book about animal families fun at storytime. use for colors or animal noises as well.
LibraryThing member carrie.murphy
This book was a good informational book for children that includes rhymes that are easy for the children to remember so that they can read along with the story. It is also unique becuse it teaches the names of many animals, their familes and group names.
LibraryThing member lindsaygits1
A look a different types of animals and what their young are called, along with them in a group setting or herds. This is a grea book becuase it is relatable to other books by this author involving information about animals that most children have read, and it allows them to make connections.
LibraryThing member bkullman
Repitition is key to 1 year olds. Evie hated this book until about that age and now she loves the repeat. This one is almost exhausting to read aloud, though.
LibraryThing member tamilarson
Another great Eric Carle book. A book about animals and thier mothers. At the end it names the animal mother and father names.
LibraryThing member wturnbull06
This is a good example of an informational book about animals for younger kids because it goes through different animals had tell us that they have mother just like we do and animal mother love there babies like our mother love us.
LibraryThing member Esus15
who knew that this cute book was an information book, i love Eric Carle's work. the pictures are wonderful to look at and fit well with the story that he's telling.
LibraryThing member renee.sutter
This book is about different animals and how all animals have mothers who love them including humans. This is a great book to introduce children to animals and what they look like. The pictures are great and provide a basic concept about what some animals are shaped and colored like.
LibraryThing member claseliteratura
Through out the book we are asked if a certain animal has a mother, too? And the answer is on the following page. Colorful collages of animal babies with their caring and affectionate mothers offer small readers visual delight as well as comforting reassurance. This book is a great book to read as
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a goodnight book to children 1- 5 years old.
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LibraryThing member mhackman
A nice book that introduces many new vocab words by teaching us the 'baby' version of many animals.
LibraryThing member jalann
This is a wonderful book about animals and their families. The book also repeats so small children will enjoy "reading" along with you. The book covers many differnt types of animals and what their families are called.
LibraryThing member catieanderson4
This is a very sweet book that teaches children that all babies have mothers and that all mothers love their babies. I would read this to a kindergarten class probably because it is short and easy and they could choral read along with me since it is such a repetitive book.
LibraryThing member netaylor
This Eric Carle book asks the question many children must wonder about -- Does a Kangaroo Have a Mother Too? This question is asked again and again, giving children the comforting answer of 'Yes!'. The book is informative for young children, introducing them to the questions they may ask about the
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animal world. The book also encourages young children to situate themselves in the animal world, to relate to the world of animals through their own experiences.
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LibraryThing member msequeira06
Goes through many different animals discussing whether each has a mother (kangaroo, lion, giraffe, penguin, swan, fox, dolphin, sheep, bear, elephant, monkey). Book ends by saying how mothers love their babies just like our mothers love us. Includes glossary in back of names of animal babies,
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parents and family groups. Genre: Fantasy- because although animals do have mothers, it is giving animals human-like emotions such as love. Setting: setting is general. Though this is not specified, it is assumed that each animal's setting is their own habitat. Media: Collage
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LibraryThing member justine87
Just like every other Eric Carle book, I loooved the pictures. It was also very interesting to learn what different animals mothers and babies are called.
LibraryThing member morgantk
I love all Eric Carle books! The watercolor collages are so interesting and are an excellent addition to the text.
LibraryThing member aswideman
This book is a nice book to read to younger readers to help them learn what the different animals on the earth are. It also shows them that no matter if you are human or an animal, mothers love you no matter what.
LibraryThing member ksjeffcoat
This book talks about different animals and how all their mothers love them the same just like people mothers do. The book has great detailed illustrations that make the book fun and enjoyable. At the end of the book there is a list of animals and what their groups and mother and father's names
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are. Younger students would enjoy this book better,
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LibraryThing member sdglenn
Great for grades k-2. Helps students have good character. Illustrations drawn using water colors. Animal babies with their caring and affectionate mothers.
LibraryThing member christivance
The love between a mother and her babies is nicely portrayed in this simple picture book. Carle repeatedly compares animal mothers and their loved ones with human mommies and their babies. In the back, there is a informational page full of the names of animal babies, parents, and groups found in
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the book. A great discovery!
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LibraryThing member HeatherSwinford
Great illustration of Carle's painting. He is such a talented artist, and tells such simple stories. The story is cute and easily understandable by all children. The illustrations are my favorite, I love all the colors.
LibraryThing member jlowens4
This book is so cute! I really enjoyed reading "Does a Kangaroo Have a Mother Too?" This book is for kindergarten or first grade. It has many differe colors and pictures. The first lesson in the book is about mothers. It asks does many animals have mothers, and at the end it talks about a mothers
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love. This book is very repetitive so it get the children to interact with each other and to have role play. Another wonderful thing about this book it has all kinds of animals, so this is another way to get the students envolved. They could make animal noises are talk about mother and baby animals. My favorite part of the book is the last page, it has a list of all the animals and the proper names for the babies, mothers, fathers, and the name if they travel in a group. This book was not only fun, but educational too!
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LibraryThing member juju1220
Very cute book about mothers loving their babies which uses an amazing techniques of illustration. A variety of animals are used in this book with the ending referring to the readers own motherly love. All the animals are introduced with the theme of loving families being expressed.
LibraryThing member sharmon05
This book is a wonderful book for children. It is a great informative book because it provides the reader with accurate information about animals and their mothers. The book also contains amazing illustrations that are created by the author. The illustrations really enhance the story by making it
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colorful and engaging. They also show the mother-child relationship between the animals.
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LibraryThing member sskillman07
This book is informational, through the story it explains that each of the animals has a mother, just like humans. The back of the book gives a plethora of information about animals and their family structures.


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