Taqueria: New-style Fun and Friendly Mexican Cooking

by Paul Wilson

Hardcover, 2017


Call number

Latino, South American -- WIL

Call number

Latino, South American -- WIL


Hardie Grant (2017), 176 pages


Taqueria is an homage to the best of Mexican cuisine. Across four chapters (Flavor Fiestas; Salsas, Salads & Vegetables, Taqueria and Margaritas & More), it is a crash course in cooking the food of Latin America right. Its emphasis is on taking the building blocks and showing people that, with quality ingredients, attitude and a little application, they can create an authentic, standout feast. In total, it includes more than 80 recipes, with prominence for a winningTaqueria chapter - with recipes ranging from corn, prawn and bacon tortillas to homemade chorizo and sweet potato quesadillas. As well, the salsas, salads & vegetables chapter recognizes the ever-growing appreciation for plant-based dishes with a 20-plus recipe line-up of envelope-pushing vegetarian dishes (as well as a nod to the near universal love of guacamole in its myriad iterations). The package is loud, punchy and a little bit retro with bold colors that will especially speak to people who have visited, or are familiar, withTaqueria's of street-side Mexico.… (more)


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176 p.; 9 inches
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