Guardian Angel (A V.I. Warshawski Mystery)

by Sara Paretsky

Paperback, 1992



Fiction. Mystery. Suspense. Thriller. HTML:�The best of the Warshawski novels!��Los Angeles Times Book Review   Underneath V. I. Warshawski�s wisecracking P.I. exterior lies a real pushover. When elderly neighbor Mr. Contreras asks her to look into a fellow union retiree�s sudden disappearance, she says �yes� from her heart, not her head. And when a crotchety eighty-year-old dog owner starts wrangling with a Yuppie-Come-Lately couple on their blue-collar street, again, it�s V.I. to the rescue.   Only it all goes to hell in a handbasket when Mr. Yuppie turns out to be a lawyer in V.I.�s ex-husband�s law firm, and the missing retiree turns up floating facedown in a canal. And now V.I.�s strapping on her shoulder holster to snoop into Chicago�s labor unions and politicos, because being on the side of the angels won�t win her any halos� but it�s the perfect place for an encounter with violent death.   Praise for Guardian Angel �A fast-paced, complicated mystery� the real joy of Guardian Angel is Paretsky�s smooth pen and continuing cast of characters.��New York Daily News   �No one, male or female, writes better P.I. books than Paretsky, and Guardian Angel is the best to date!��The Denver Post �One monster of a plot.��Booklist �Some crime series grow stale over time, but there's no sign of fatigue here. This is partly because the recurring characters continue to develop and engage the reader, and partly because of the moral intelligence that informs the writing.��Spectator.… (more)


½ (163 ratings; 3.5)

User reviews

LibraryThing member Darrol
Best Warshawski so far. Characters are too hard on each other. Good stuff with Contreras and the old lady with the dog.
LibraryThing member katiefeldmom
Guardian Angel is the 7th in the VI Warshawski series. It took a while to get into the two different storylines, but once I was in, I got hooked and had to finish it. VI was working on a case for her neighbor, but also took on a case involving another elderly neighbor. In the end the two cases were
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somewhat related. VI also gets some bedroom action and I can't wait to see how this will play out in future books.
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LibraryThing member riverwillow
A fantastic instalment in the series, which has slightly dated - Vic doesn't own a computer - but which deals with contemporary problems: a possibly corrupt company and the issues of an elderly neighbour. Vic is a great character, feisty, determined and indomitable.
LibraryThing member RuthieD
I don't know why I took so long to read this...I was committed to the story and Vic is a loved character of mine.
I guess the crime itself was quite hard to keep track of, even though I was reading it more for Vic's life and person than her work.
It dragged at times, I did get a bit lost, and I
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needed to prod myself to pick it up, though once I did I was on a roll.
Just couldn't read too much at once.
Even now, i still couldn't tell you the story(!) But Vic is still my top pi...though her crown may slip to Kinsey Mialone.....
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LibraryThing member TheBentley
Honestly one of the best genre detective novels I've read in a long time. Complicated plot, plenty of action, and multiple plot lines that converge and tie up nicely in the end. It's a straight genre detective novel, so it's certainly not life-changing, but it's an excellent example of what it is.
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It's fun to read, it keeps you turning pages, and the conclusion is very satisfying. For vacation reading, you can't do much better.
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LibraryThing member JenniferRobb
Again, I have to wonder how V. I. stays solvent with all the cases she takes for friends and relatives. In this book, it starts out with helping her downstairs neighbor Salvatore Contreras figure out what happened to his friend, Mitch. It evolves into helping a neighbor lady down the block, Mrs.
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Frizzell. All with very little pay--or at least very little pay that we hear about, despite Mr. Contreras's insistence that he'll pay her rates. (Not that I blame her for not charging him. It was a nice thing to do. But considering that through most of the book she's trying to figure out how she's going to buy new running shoes since hers are on their last legs even before they end up at the bottom of the canal as well as figuring out how she's going to pay to fix the Trans Am. . .)

Mitch and Mr. Contreras worked together at Diamondhead. Mitch is now an alcoholic and claims that he's got something that will make Diamondhead's bosses pay him, despite the fact that he's well retired. Then, Mitch just disappears.

While checking into that, V. I. also runs afoul of her ex-husband, Dick, and his father-in-law as well as others in the father-in-law's family. Though I was surprised when Dick and Terry confronted V. I. near the end of the book with how Dick acted.

Mrs. Frizzell's dog, Bruce, is the father of Peppy's puppies, even though she won't admit it. When Mrs. Frizzell falls in her bathroom, V.I. and another neighbor, Marjorie Hellstrom try to take care of the dogs. Another neighborhood couple, Todd and Chrissy, go to court to get guardianship of Mrs. Frizzell and have all the dogs put down. This angers V. I. enough that she starts looking into Mrs. Frizzell's finances and finds that someone promised Mrs. Frizzell a 17% return on what turn out to be junk bonds.

The issue between Lottie and V. I. isn't resolved by the end of the book--so I wonder if they will go back to being the way they were or if this will be a new normal. Also, I wonder if Carol Alvarado's role in the series will diminish based on her decisions.

As seems normal for me with this author, I think things should be wrapped up and there's still more chapters to come. Sometimes I feel that the author needlessly complicates the plot.
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Dell Publishing (1992), Paperback

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