Suzanne's Diary for Nicholas

by James Patterson

Hardcover, 2001



James Patterson has written a love story, a powerfully moving and suspenseful novel about families, loss, new love, and hope. Katie Wilkinson has found her perfect man at last. He's a writer, a house painter, an original thinker, everything she's imagined she wanted in a partner. But one day, without explanation, he disappears from her life, leaving behind only a diary for her to read. This diary is a love letter written by a new mother named Suzanne for her baby son, Nicholas. In it she pours out her heart about how she and the boy's father met, about her hopes for marriage and family, and about the unparalleled joy that having a baby has brought into her life. As Katie reads this touching document, it becomes clear that the lover who has just left her is the husband and father in this young family. She reads on, filled with terror and hope, as she struggles to understand what has happened-and whether her new love has a prayer of surviving.… (more)


(818 ratings; 3.8)

User reviews

LibraryThing member myeclecticbooks
I must admit that I wasn't quite sure what to expect from this book. I've not previously read James Patterson...I'd certainly heard of James Patterson (many of my friends read him) but what I knew of him was thrillers and mysteries, grit and crime...not the emotional and sensitive look at life and love that this proved to be.The book flowed masterfully as I expected and from that standpoint was a joy to read. The character of Suzanne quickly captured my heart and I couldn't help rooting for her despite the obvious supposition that things could not be expected to end well for her. The sweet and honest romance between Suzanne and Matt at times seemed almost too perfect and idyllic and thus was for me a bit unbelievable. Despite that, I was sucked in and as the suspense built could not help but rush through to the end which I'll admit had me shedding a few tears.I'd definitely recommend this one as a quick and easy sweet read for a rainy afternoon. You won't be left pondering the universe, but a pleasant sense of melancholy and perhaps a need to re-examine your priorities in life will linger.… (more)
LibraryThing member Ashleysailvt
I'm not a sappy person, but I cried the last 50 pages continuously. It's a quick read, but incredibly emotional and well written. I love James Patterson.
LibraryThing member mariejelis
Got this book at the last minute in an airport book store, on the recommendation of one of the sales staff... Baaad. Not for me but maybe fans of Danielle Steel might like.
LibraryThing member tigerv68
Make sure you have enough time to finish this book once you start it, because it's very difficult to put down. It's very easy, conversational reading and a great story!
LibraryThing member brwneyes16
This is one of those books that I would describe as a "good beach read." It is an easy read and throughout your trying to figure out how its going to end. I really didn't see the end coming at all and it was a tear jerker as well.
LibraryThing member nagtzaam
I don't read James Patterson books but this one was a gift. I enjoyed it but don't see the need to read any more of his works. Sad story.
LibraryThing member DF6B_LaurenE
This was a good book. It is about a young woman named Katie who begins reading this diary that her ex-boyfriend, Matt sent to her. The diary is from Matt's first wife, Suzanne. She had a heart attack at a young age and she decided that all the stress from work had caused this heart attack. So she moved to Martha's Vineyard. She meets Matt there. A little while later, they are married and she becomes pregnant with Nicholas. Not too long after his birth, she finds herself pregnant...again. After a terrible accident, Matt is left all alone.
After reading about Suzanne and Nicholas, Katie decides to go visit Martha's Vineyard and "meet" Suzanne and Nicholas, while trying to find Matt.
… (more)
LibraryThing member laws
Kate has found the man of her dreams,Matt, only to find him gone one day. Matt leaves behind a diary for her to read. Kate reads the dairy and finds out truth as to what Matt has been hiding and happened to his wife and son(suzanne/nicholas).
LibraryThing member AbsolutNormal
This was a big change from James previous books. The first romance novel I have read of his. I thought it was beautiful written the story (A touching one) was told nicely. It almost read like a Nicholas Spark novel. I loved it.
LibraryThing member BookWhisperer
Tragic love story no matter how you look at it. Enjoyed reading this story. Wasn't what I expected. This is the first James Patterson book that I read, I throughly enjoy his style of writing.
LibraryThing member babemuffin
A very sweet book - sometimes it's soo sweet that it's corny but you know I think we all wish for that something. It definitely squeezed my heart a lot and near the end squeezed my tear ducts as well. It kept me guessing til the end although I guess that's only because I really did not want to guess, I wanted to be surprised. I wanted it to be special and it didn't disappoint.”… (more)
LibraryThing member Needtime2read
Maybe it was my mood, but I did not enjoy this book at all. I found the whole baby talk stuff VERY ANNOYING - and I have small children! I couldn't get past it. Now, I'm not heartless and the end floored me, maybe that's why I hated it even more.
LibraryThing member WillowOne
Katie Wilkinson had, what she thought to be, a perfect, dream come true relationship. But the wind gets sucked from her sails quickly and painfully.
Matt Harrison was the man of Katie's dreams, but also the man who would eventually hurt her.
What Katie didn't know and would learn in time was the unimaginable pain and sadness Matt has survived and unfortunately was unable to let go of.
After the break up Matt send Katie a diary, Suzanne's Diary for Nicholas and tells her that maybe by reading it she will begin to understand.

The book is written from Katie's point of view and also from Suzanne's. You will learn by taking the journey of discovery, with Katie, reading the diary. The transition of present day to the diary is seamless and helps pull you deeper into the lives of every major character. You will celebrate, mourn, fall in love, cry and rejoice. It is hard not to become intertwined in the lives of the characters. I think it was best said by another reviewer at the beginning of the book that it will move you to your soul. I know it did mine.
… (more)
LibraryThing member tjsjohanna
Interesting - pretty good story, but didn't wow me.
LibraryThing member Kanellio
Not thrilled with this although still love Patteson's short chapter style of writing. I think I am so used to his mystery genre that at times I can't get into his writing this type of fiction. I am sure it is just me as he is SO talented!
LibraryThing member dbhutch
This is a tragic love story. A diary that is written for a young boy named Nicholas, about his mother and father falling in love and his mother’s life before he came along. His mother is very sick and moves away from her life, meets his father falls in love and gets married and has him, but when she is pregnant for a second time she is in an accident and dies, leaving this diary for her young son.

When his father has a break up with a girlfriend years later and they split up he sends her this diary to read. You get the book from her point of view and the mother diaries that are written for her son. It’s very heart warming, touching, sad and wonderful all at the same time.
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LibraryThing member jenptcfan2009
The only reason I forced myself to finish this book was because it's the book that my book club picked for December.

It was overly sentimental, predictable, and poorly written.

The "diary" format is pretty lame considering it's just a story that's being told with a few "Dear Nicholas," lines thrown in to make it look like a diary.

The characters are flat and I didn't feel a connection to any of them.

I cannot imagine why a mother would write a diary to her infant son in which she tells him all about the first time she and his father were intimate (down to the details of him slipping off her clothes)...very bizarre.
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LibraryThing member rlimon
The lesson of the 5 balls to juggle is one to take and use in one's own life.
LibraryThing member ilovemclife
Absolutely addicting and enthralling. A definite must-read.
LibraryThing member debavp
A tear jerker. An interesting twist on love and loss and a quick read to boot. Patterson's romanticization of Martha's Vineyards was much stronger than the story itself, which was nice. It gave those who don't have a fairy tale life something to feel good about.
LibraryThing member tracylg13
WOW, this book went a total different direction than i had thought it would. Get the Kleenex ready. Has made me a James Patterson fan. I finished this book the same day I started it.
LibraryThing member misty64
The novel, Suzanne's Diary for Nicholas, encompasses trust and bond in relationships, but also expressing the understanding empathy of losing a loved one. In the beginning, Katie, the protagonist, struggles with having her heart completely torn and shattered by Matthew, her so called "fiance". Throughout the middle, she perserveres with her devastating emotions of being pregnant with Matthew's child, while also reading Suzanne's diary in belief that Matthew had an affair. By the end, Katie realized she didn't completely trust Matthew for the man he really was, and now understands his loss while still helping him pick up from where he left off. (266/266 pages)… (more)
LibraryThing member TheGoldenPen
I simply adored this book! I read Patterson's other books, etc.. 'Along Came a Spider' and 'Kiss the Girls' but this one blew my mind away. I cried as i read it. At first I hated the main Character who seemed to have two timed his wife with another woman and left the other woman with Suszanne's Diary as a consulation prize, but as I got near the end I understood completely. This is a tear jerker. I couldn't put it down. This is my absolute favourite. I would read it again and again. I've read it twice and am contimplating getting it on my Kindle.… (more)
LibraryThing member ctmsmamo
“Who was Nicolas? And why had Matt sent her this diary? Her fingers trembling as she opened the diary to the first page.”
“Suzanne's Diary for Nicholas,” by James Patterson was an amazing, sad, beach side book. I'm not usually the type to get sucked into books but there was something about this book that had me hooked.
Katie Wilkinson finds a diary in the mail from her ex-boyfriend, Matt. As she reads the diary she figures out everything that she could possibly think of in Matt's life. The worn out diary brings so many mixed emotions with it. From bored to confused, astonished to happy, but most of all, shocking to sad.
I loved the way James Patterson used his very descriptive anguage. It made me feel as if I was with Katie. Experiencing everything with her. For example, “Katie Wilkinson sat in her warm bathwater in the weird but wonderful old-fashion porcelain tub in her New York apartment. The apartment exuded “old” and “worn” in ways that practitioners of shabby chic couldn't begin to imagine.” In stead of just saying, she sat in her tub in her old New York apartment. He added words like worn, old, porcelain tub, and weird but wonderful. He also had an amazing hook after most of the chapters. It just made u want to read so much more.
I rate this book a 4 star. It was an amazing love story, with very descriptive language that had you sucked into the book. But most of all, had a shocking ending that nobody saw coming.
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LibraryThing member donttalktofreaks
Very touching book, partly a diary written by a mother to her son. Have lots of tissues ready, as it's a tear jerker.


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