The Collectors

by David Baldacci

Hardcover, 2006



"The assassination of the Speaker of the House sets the members of the Camel Club in a race to prevent a silent yet bloody coup in Washington"--Provided by the publisher.

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½ (831 ratings; 3.7)

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LibraryThing member BCCJillster
Continues the Camel Club group. Mostly set in the Library of Congress and lots of goodies about rare books. Introduces con belle Annabelle Conroy--a great addition. Speaker of the House, head librarian of LOC killed for starters.
LibraryThing member dekan
He's copying famous serial killers and the game has just begun.

A woman is found murdered in the woods. It seems like a simple case but it soon escalates into a terrible nightmare. Someone is replicating the killing styles of the most infamous murderers of all time. No one knows this criminal's
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motives...or who will die next.

Two ex-Secret Service agents, Sean King and Michelle Maxwell, have been hired to defend a man's innocence in a burglary involving an aristocratic, dysfunctional family. Then a series of secrets leads the partners right into the frantic hunt that is confounding even the FBI. Now King and Maxwell are playing the Hour Game, uncovering one horrifying revelation after another and putting their lives in danger. For the closer they get to the truth, the closer they get to the most shocking surprise of all.
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LibraryThing member TwilightBlue
I gave this book a three basically because although the writing was good. The ending left something to be desired.
LibraryThing member MSWallack
The second book in the series did give me the opportunity to learn more about some of the characters; however, other characters were absent (or virtually absent) and the personality quirks of one of the more interesting characters were virtually eliminated. Another interesting story, but somehow
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Baldacci's writing just never manages to grab me as much as I'd like.
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LibraryThing member mcal
Despite being a quick read, it was not one of Baldacci's best works. There were holes in the plot and I doubted it's entire plausibility. After reading all of the back story I wanted to know more about what would happen to Anabelle Conroy, yet I was left empty. The one plot that did conclude seemed
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to end quickly and not full of suspense in comparison to other details from the back story.

The introduction of the characters was strange. Without previously reading the Camel Club, I had no idea who the group of four men were. I quickly forgot each of the Camel Club's characters (or at least the back story) until later in the story when their names reappeared when the 2 plots merge.

While the ending seems prime for a follow up book, I'm not so sure I care that much to see how the entire thing ends.
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LibraryThing member ros.peters
This is the first novel I have read by this author. I can imagine it as a film.....maybe it already is! I did not read the first novel which introduces the characters belonging to the Camel Club so was a little lost to begin with. Also got a bit confused with the dual plots. There seemed to be
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holes in the plot and action which seemed iimpossible , so not the best thriller that I have ever read. It did get better once the twin plot lines met.
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LibraryThing member mieka
Like all his books, it is just a terrific read. If you start reading it you can't put it aside.
LibraryThing member madamemeow
A great story, though overly complex at times. I loved the characters, and I was definitely hooked throughout the whole story. Judging by the ending, I'm thinking it's written with a follow-up book in mind.
LibraryThing member TadAD
I found this sequel to The Camel Club a reasonably quick read, but a bit disjointed. The first book was a bit better.
LibraryThing member amacmillen
Soon after the Speaker of the House is assassinated, Caleb Shaw a quiet librarian stumbles upon the body of his boss Jonathan DeHaven at the Library of Congress narrowly escaping the same fate. “The Camel Club” group promptly sets out to investigate and it becomes a race to stop a man who is
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determined to auction off America to the highest bidder.
On a local level, Annabelle Conroy, a gifted con artist, is out to pull off a major con against a ruthlessly violent casino boss. She gathers three other scammers and together they undertake a heist that promises to make them all rich. She eventually meets up with the Camel Club after she attends the funeral of Jonathan DeHaven (her ex husband). She then joins the group in the hopes of solving the crime. Their lives become more and more in peril as they come closer to the truth. (Tigerpaw70)
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LibraryThing member virginiahomeschooler
After having read and loved The Camel Club, I was eager to read the sequel, The Collectors. While it is still quite good, unfortunately, it doesn't quite measure up to its incredibly clever predecessor. The main story line is interesting enough, and the 'bookish' plot is something most bibliophiles
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will appreciate. But Baldacci has basically created two separate stories here and fused them together via one character, turning it into one somewhat disjointed novel. There is a subplot surrounding an ambitious scheme to con a dangerous casino owner that doesn't fit well enough with the Camel Club cohorts, in my opinion.

Aside from that, though, The Collectors is pretty flawless. Eccentric and quirky characters along with clever dialogue and exciting action sequences combine to create a very entertaining reading experience.

As this is a review based on the audio book, I feel I should mention that I found the narration to be unpleasant. The secondary 'players' were adequate, though annoying at times, but the main narrator, LJ Gasner, has a voice that just did not work for me. It's hard to pinpoint exactly what the problem was, but I struggled throughout the book. And, I feel that I would have enjoyed the experience more had I read the book myself.
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LibraryThing member madamejeanie
This is the first Camel Club book I've come across, but I'll be looking for
the others. This is an eclectic group of men with pasts as varied as their
hair lengths, each with a talent that comes in handy while keeping
Washington in line. It was well written and rather intricate, drawing three
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plotlines together by the middle of the book and summing each one up nicely
by the end. Once in a while I'm in the mood for a bit of political intrigue
and The Collectors fit the bill quite well. I give it a 4.
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LibraryThing member Talbin
In David Baldacci's novel The Collectors, a ragtag group of men who call themselves The Camel Club get involved in investigating the death of Jonathan DeHaven, the director of the Library of Congress's Rare Books collection. As the pieces come together, they discover that someone is selling US
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secrets to the highest bidder. Along the way, DeHaven's ex-wife, Annabelle Conroy, a con artist of the highest caliber, joins the Camel Club to help discover why her ex was killed.

This was a pretty well-written, well-plotted novel. Not as "exciting" (read "violent") as some other political mysteries, but I thought the story moved along quickly. Baldacci has created some interesting characters, and I look forward to seeing more of them in novels to come.
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LibraryThing member kysmom02
The four members of the Camel Club are back in the second book of the series. The Collectors focuses on a conspiracy behind the death of a rare book collector. One of the club's members, Caleb, is appointed to value and distribute the books in the deceased man's collection. This endangers Caleb as
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well as the others who are helping him in the process. Annabelle Conroy, a con, is introduced in this story. She is the ex-wife of the deceased and two plots gradually come together.

I like that there is more information in this story about the pasts of the characters. I got more of that information from this book than I did the first in the series. However, this is my least favorite of the series so far. And I have high hopes for book three, Stone Cold. I did listen to the abridged version, so I'm thinking of going back and listening to the unabridged to see if I would have a better opinion of the story, and to see if I would get even more information about the characters. Overall, I'm addicted to this series much like a drug addict. I cannot stop listening!!
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LibraryThing member Jarratt
Not bad. I'd not read a Camel Club book before, but I liked it OK.
LibraryThing member senglish1972
I loved this book. It is another great Camel Club book.
LibraryThing member jepeters333
A murder at the Library of Congress marks the beginning of the Camel Club's focus on rogue CIA agent Roger Seagraves, who is selling classified political information to the highest bidder. Caleb Shaw, an ex-CIA assassin, and the other members of the Club must stop Seagraves before his deals
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demolish the foundation of national security for good.
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LibraryThing member cjthomas
enjoyable, a very reasonable sequel to his last book
LibraryThing member Judes316
This was the second David Baldacci book I have read and I have 2 more waiting to be read. I found this book a little confusing in the beginning with the 3 separate stories going on but just before half way through the book the stories started to connect and made so much more sense. After that I
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could not put the book down. I wanted to know what happened next. The book did end leaving one of the story lines open so I'm looking forward to finding that book to complete the story.
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LibraryThing member napareader
Perfect book for reading on airplane. Plenty of action to keep one's attention. Ties together rare books, Atlantic City con, group of avenging talented Vietnam veterans, a professional assassin, and the Library of Congress.
LibraryThing member cathymoore
Baldacci's second book about the Camel Club, a group of social misfits busting global conspiracy theories. This novel features espionage at the library of Congress and introduces a new member of the club via a "long con" in Atlantic City.
This is a good read. The Camel Club members are likeable
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characters and the plot moves along at a healthy pace. I am finding Baldacci's writing increasingly clunky though, and the dialogue especially in this outing seems contrived. I am hoping for better next time out, one of the plot threads here is left open.
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LibraryThing member BookWallah
What could be better for a bibliophile than a thriller set right in the Library of Congress? Many things apparently. Camel Club as a series already seems a little long in the tooth here. The inclusion of female con artist as guest club "member" a nice touch. But “the collectors” dialog was only
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passable and thus a tad tedious to read. Die hard Baldacci fans will still enjoy.
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LibraryThing member she_climber
Great thriller!! Fantastic depth of character development and a great clean storyline. Would love to see Annabelle in future installments, and looks like I'm going get my wish unless Baldacci totally drops the ball. Thank goodness I started this series after the 3rd one has already been written so
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I don't have to wait.
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LibraryThing member iubookgirl
The Collectors is the second book in the Camel Club series. The mystery involves the selling of U.S. secrets; and the Camel Club becomes involved following the mysterious death of Caleb Shaw's supervisor in the Library of Congress' Rare Books Division. The increased focus on Caleb Shaw and Milton
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Farb, the less danger savvy members of the club, made for some amusing moments. Their eccentricities had me laughing out loud at times. This sense of humor plus the element of bibliomystery made for a very enjoyable read. The Collectors also introduces a new character to the Club, con artist Annabelle Conroy. A good portion of the book follows her in a separate, though enjoyable, storyline, and I found myself wondering what the connection could be. If you have the same feeling, don't worry. The connection will reveal itself, and it's a good one. In my estimation, The Collectors meets and exceeds the expectations set by the first book in the series.
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LibraryThing member MrsLee
The Camel Club becomes embroiled in another spy intrigue to help Caleb out. Someone is endangering the employees of the Library of Congress. Caleb helps his friends understand the intricate details of book collecting to help them find the bad guys. Problem is, one of the bad guys is a collector
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too; of victims. When a lovely female con gets involved, things speed up.
I enjoyed this story. I don't really care for the type of story, espionage and political thriller, but I enjoy the members of the Camel Club, Oliver, Milton, Reuben and Caleb. I rather liked Annabelle, too. A fast paced tale, it got me so involved that I missed my exit to work!
This was an abridged audio version. I didn't notice anything missing, and the readers were good, although it took me a little to not be startled over the switch off between Tom Wopat and Maggi Reed. Some of Toms voices were not as I would imagine them to be, especially those of Caleb and Milton, but his reading is excellent.
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