The ABC Animal Picnic

by Janina Rossiter

Digital audiobook, 2017



These are just two of the amazing animals in The ABC Animal Picnic by author and illustrator Janina Rossiter. Turn the pages of this delightful ABC to find out what happens on the animals' picnic!.

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½ (9 ratings; 4.9)

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I received an electronic copy of the book from the author through LibraryThing's book giveaway. The ABC Animal Picnic‬ by Janina Rossiter is a beautifully illustrated children's book. The book uses varied fonts, some of which are so funky they may be challenge for early readers to decipher. ABC
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Animal Picnic builds the vocabularies of young readers with fun and charming alliteration and is a truly creative alphabet book
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LibraryThing member UnionGospelMission
I received this book as a .pdf file from an author giveaway. It is a wonderful book with great illustrations. This is an excellent book to help non-readers learn their ABC's. I would highly recommend this book for parents and early childhood teachers.
LibraryThing member MyPenNameOnly
I received a mobi.file copy of this book from the author through a giveaway she recently had on LibraryThing and the following is my honest opinion.

Those of you who are familiar with the author’s [Janina Rossiter] series of books, “Tovi the Penguin,” know she has a marvelous way of writing
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and illustrating books for her young readers; books which capture and hold their attention, books which they love to read over and over.

In this outing Ms. Rossiter directs her creative attention to an even younger audience of readers, those who are just starting to learn their ABCs. Instead of merely doing it in the usual mundane method: A is for Apple, B is for Bee, the author creates a party to which ALL the animals are going to.

Starting with the animal’s name, who the animal is, and some sort of activity each animal is engaging in; the author uses a somewhat subliminal repetitive reinforcing technique of what the ABC’a are:

Andy Ant Adores Apples
Betty Bee Butters Bread
Carly Crab Cuts Carrots

to use as a few examples, and naturally since no animal’s name begins with the letter “X”, the party had to be held someplace, so “X” became the party’s location.

The author’s illustrations add to the reading enjoyment of the book. This is a book which parents really need to sit down to read and discuss with their children. For having given parents, a vital tool in educating their children, I’m giving Ms. Rossiter 5 STARS for her efforts.
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LibraryThing member JLSlipak
The ABC Animal Picnic, by Janina Rossiter
September 15, 2017

Amazon bestselling author Janina Rossiter loves three things: design, France and her little family.

She studied communication & illustration design at university, and has lived in Germany (her home country), England (where she met her
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husband), and now France (where she vows to stay). After graduating with a degree from university she worked as a packaging designer for a few years before setting off on her own and expanding into freelance design. She enjoys the creative energy of Paris, where she lives with her English husband and her two daughters.

With the arrival of her first daughter, Janina’s love for painting and drawing found a new lease on life and, before long, she combined her passion for illustration with the wonderfully inspiring world of children.


My firm belief about picture books is that if the illustrations are crap, then the book is crap. When I happened across this particular picture book by Janina Rossiter, I was hopeful to find a real treasure. Well, I didn’t.

I found a brilliant masterpiece!

The illustrations are incredible, and wonderfully set to a great theme, simple wording, and an excellent layout. I couldn’t be more pleased with this book. Rossiter is a talented artist that creates entertaining and memorable characters for tiny readers to enjoy over and over again. (Even big readers too!)

I smiled the whole time I flipped through the book. Well done!
I gave this book 5 stars.
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LibraryThing member sultrydiva
Beautiful drawings. I loved the fact that it was in mostly black and white with just a splash of color.
LibraryThing member Lin_K
An extremely imaginative and entertaining concept.
Easy to read, this book will teach and help young children remember the alphabet in an amusing way. The alliteration used by the author is very creative making it very fun to read for both child and parent.
The illustrations are a bonus adding
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artistic beauty to each page.
This simple alphabet book is one that any child and parent would happily want to re-read over and over.
I would highly recommend reading 'The ABC Animal Picnic' to infants and onwards.
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