Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See?

by Bill Martin Jr.

Board book, 1996



Children see a variety of animals, each one a different color, and a teacher looking at them.

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LibraryThing member ml445
The rhyming and pretty illustrations in this classic picture book make it favorite on many children's bookshelves. On each page, we meet a new animal. Children anticipate which animal will show up next. The repetition of rhyming and words is an aid for helping children who are just starting to read.
LibraryThing member ChelseaGriffin
This book is a fun rhyming book that has wonderful illustrations to keep children entertained and fully engrossed throughout the entire story
LibraryThing member kscarlett01
This is a great book for preschool children learning to read. This book has amazing rhymes, patterns, and repetition that are sure to aid children in the reading process. The book is also great for introducing animals through colorful pictures.
LibraryThing member JulianneM
This is a great book for young children. It is a classic that has been read in classrooms for years. This book is very repetitive which makes it great for preschool and early elementary aged children. The book incorporates a lot of different animals and also a teacher and class of students. It is a
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classic that young children love!
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LibraryThing member DLWilson1831
The story speaks of a variety of animals with different colors and what they see. They see a green frog, a purple cat, and a white dog to name a few. They also see a teacher as well as she sees them. At the end of the book, all of the animals are talked about again on the last couple of pages.

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reading this book, my six-year old son read aloud with me. This was great. He seem to really enjoy the book as much as I did. The book was fun and interesting to the both of us. One thing I noticed in addition to the vivid colored animals was when portraying the children there was a diverse group of children pictured. This is important, so the children can realize their differences. I really like this. I like the way the author made something so simple into a great and interesting subject.

This book could be used for classroom extension. Read the book aloud with your class and while reading have the students point out parts or repetition that are shown throughout the book. Another extension for the classroom, could possibly be to have the children color a worksheet with different animals from the story and see what color they color them. Ask yourself, do they match the story, why or why not?
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LibraryThing member Riley1878
I love the repetition in the book i think it is a great read aloud book.
LibraryThing member blue8444
Obviously a popular book. My toddlers love it for the pictures and simple words. The repetition is great for the young set learning animal names and colors.
LibraryThing member dchaves
Always read with a sing-song voice. The illustrations are a treat.
LibraryThing member Justy
I have read this book so many times that I think both my son and I have memorized the words. I once recited it to him at Grandma's when we spent the night and left it behind at home. It was the *only* book he wanted to hear that night! Not bad for a toddler recommendation.
LibraryThing member nboria05
This book again is a great one for early childhood. Children learn to memorize and predict what will happen next as they read the story over and over again! The story also introduces different animals that children will begin to become more familiar with as they get older. It also introduces
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different colors which can be a good introduction for young children. At an older level, the cut paper art work is something I have done with elementary as well as college students!
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LibraryThing member daffyduck24
Brown Bear is a picture book that uses animals and colors to tell the story. It is a book full of repetition and rhymes. I remember reading this book when I was young. It helped me recognize and memorize a story by its repetitious patten.

Using this story I could have children color their own Brown
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Bear book and take it home. Another idea I could use in the classroom would be to have the children read aloud with me or take turns. For example, I say one line and let the children finish the sentence.
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LibraryThing member bkullman
Repitition is key to 1 year olds. Evie hated this book until about that age and now she loves the repeat.
LibraryThing member psjones
This is a great book about colors and animals. It is good for read aloud to a class since the pictures are so vivid and large. It is also good to read aloud because a teacher and class are mentioned. I would use this for pre-kindergarten and early kindergarten.
LibraryThing member jh127876
“Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What do you see?” is a picture book written by Bill Martin and illustrated by Eric Carle. This book does not really tell a story but instead is written with the intention of helping very young children; probably toddlers understand and identify colors. This is
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accomplished by a simple continuing sentence structure as with the title. The page begins with a colored animal who is asked what they see and that animal says they see another colored animal which is found on the same page which has the same structure.
“Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What do you see?” is certainly a bore to read if you are an adult, with its repetitive nature and simple sentence structure it does not offer much of anything in the language department. However one may find the illustrations appealing. This is not criticism; it is obvious that the author was not trying to challenge anyone but the toddler intellectually. However the author does do a good job in just that, given time any child would be able to read the book by memory and learn there colors. This is a great book to teach children color and does offer more than the usual color book with its unique painting. I personally would rather read this book than set there with my child in my lap reading “this is a red ball; this is a green tree etc.”
A great extension for this book would be to have the children guess what the animal is going to see on the next page. With time they are sure to remember and have fun telling you the answers. Another activity would be to simply ask the children what other of the same colors they see in the room.
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LibraryThing member annafcurry
Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What do you see? is a book that is more targeted towards the younger readers that are learning color recognition. It is a simple book that repeats the colors of the different animals.

I like the book for the readers that have trouble with colors or a re learning colors. It
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is a simple, straight forward book that many yound children can read.

Some extension ideas could be for the students to do a color sheet and try to color the animals the same as they are in the book. Also, the teacher could pick out students to identify the colors in the book. Another is go on a field trip to the zoo to see the animals.
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LibraryThing member conuly
This is another one of those simple, repetitive books that Eric Carle is so good at.

I think we all remember the plot from our own childhoods, anyway :)

I read the book with Ana when she was a baby, making animal sounds on every page. Silly, but it engaged her then.
LibraryThing member sawalbeck
Young children can remember story and love to read a long. Great for Preschool. Fast read.
LibraryThing member cctaylor1
This early childhood book tells a story of different animals. At the end we find out that the children have used their imagination to play each of the animals. This is a great book to read to young children for them to learn each of the animals and maybe even have the children dress uo themselves.
LibraryThing member jrjohnson1
This is a great book. Teaches young children about color. Has rhymes in the book so children can read along with the teacher.
LibraryThing member meallen1
This book would be great to read to kindergarteners because it has great pictures of animals and it uses alot of bright colors, and so I could ask the students what colors they see.
LibraryThing member mercedesromero
This book is ideal for those kids that are beginning to read. Those students that know their animals and basic reading rules will enjoy this rhyming book!
LibraryThing member S1BRNSUGAR
Brown Bear is a book for preschoolers. It's a rhyming book. It have lots of pictures about animals. The book also have lots of colors to help with color recognition.

This book is very helpful for children who have problem with colors. It also have alot of repetition to help whit vocabulary. It is a
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simple book that many young children can read.

The children can make there own Brown Bear. They can chose whatever colors they want to use. They also can tell their own story.
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LibraryThing member TorrieM
I would use this book for K-2nd. A great book to teach repition and colors. Each page has a new animal that is a new color. Children get to learn animal names and colors at the same time. It would be fun to do an activity after reading this book where children can create their own animal. Easy book
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for children to read to the teacher/parents.
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LibraryThing member kalonzo
"Brown Bear,Brown Bear, What do you see?" is a modern animal fantasy book. These colored animals ask each other what do they see, they see another different colored animal looking at them. Then they see the teacher looking at them, then children looking at her.

This was so easy to read with a
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beginning reader. I have heard this book maybe a several hundred times; my children loved this book because it was easy for them to read. The favorite animal was he blue horse, because you never see a blue horse!

In the classroom this book could be used to learn colors. You can pick a day for each color (monday = brown) and have the class wear that chosen color to school. This is a great lesson and activity for kindergarteners.
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LibraryThing member crystalr
Teaches about Colors and different animals!


Henry Holt and Co. (BYR) (1996), Edition: 25th Anniversary, 28 pages

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1992 (newly illustrated edition)
1996 (board book)




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